Oh my God...! There is racism in food too!

 Oh my God…! There is racism in food too!


Often the world struggles for peace when the issue of racism surfaces. Thank Jesus for limiting it to humans only. But strangely the food has its own color issues as well. For instance, we Indians overlook the minority of brown eggs due to the majority of white ones. Oh my God…! There is racism in food too!

So, what’s the difference between the two?

Well, the very apparent difference in the looks prompted the researchers to study the differently colored eggs’ composition for years. So, aren’t you excited to know what the research concluded:

Color comes from the parents
Generally, the reason behind the black and brown eggs depends on which hen has laid the egg. For instance, the white-feathered chickens with white or light colored earlobes mostly lay white eggs. While brown-feathered chickens with red earlobes mostly lay brown eggs.

Color doesn’t define the worth
One of the most obvious assumptions is that there must be the significant nutritional difference between these two. You had it in your head. Don’t deny. However, the only proved difference is that the brown eggs consist a slightly greater amount of protein.

Guess whose parents are more foodie
Among the few differences between the brown and white eggs, this one you have to know! Well, usually the brown eggs win the battle in terms of richness. It’s because its parents eat more than those of the white eggs. Richness is in the genes – Proved!

As all the Delhiites are against racism, let’s also be against the food racism. So, brown eggs on the menu tonight? Share your choice in the comments.

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