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Every intriguing thing about potato – know in this article.

Potato – the vegetable that we Indians can blend with any option. Today the choice isn’t so easy?It’s the most versatile ingredient for us. They come in numerous shapes – oval, round, haphazard etc. They come in numerous sizes as well – weighing few grams to a pound. They even come in numerous colors – […]

Scroll down to lighten the guilt of eating oily foods

Jalebis, Samosas, Bhature, Kachori, Chilly potato, and more… We are probably never enough of eating ghee and oil-rich food. No matter how seriously we restrict ourselves, the fatty food is found to be at our table at least once in a week.  Scroll down to lighten the guilt of eating oily foods So the heavy […]

3 herbs will soon cover a few square meters of your balcony

  This weekend don’t go out anywhere. No movies, no travel, nothing. Do one thing, give birth. Give birth to three edible herbs on your balcony, plant them. But why so? Because gardening is a meditation that can provide more relief than watching any oscar-winning movie. And also, because these three herbs suggested by Chowki […]

 Oh my God…! There is racism in food too!

  Often the world struggles for peace when the issue of racism surfaces. Thank Jesus for limiting it to humans only. But strangely the food has its own color issues as well. For instance, we Indians overlook the minority of brown eggs due to the majority of white ones. Oh my God…! There is racism in […]

Be excited to reach home today

What’s so tempting waiting today? Why do you need to reach home excitedly? Of course, the sofa will be occupied with everything except with a person. The model gazing from the front page of that old magazine may not interest you. Because you are looking back at her the millionth time. Some books are about […]