Every intriguing thing about potato - know in this article.

Every intriguing thing about potato – know in this article.

Potato – the vegetable that we Indians can blend with any option. Today the choice isn’t so easy?It’s the most versatile ingredient for us. They come in numerous shapes – oval, round, haphazard etc. They come in numerous sizes as well – weighing few grams to a pound. They even come in numerous colors – yellow and light brown are obvious, but there are options of red, white and purple as well. Every intriguing thing about potato – know in this article.

Even a kid would know that potatoes are starch-rich. But the amount of starch present can also determine whether the potato is perfect for baking or for cooking the Indian gravy. Did you know that?

Basically, the potatoes which are flourishing with the starch content are light in touch. Pick these mealy-looking potatoes for baking, mashing, and French-frying. This type is a good absorbant for milk and butter. Using them for salad is not advisable, though. To pick potatoes that can fit in all sorts of cooking, go for those which contain a moderate amount of starch. They retain their shape.

But, what about your salad? Well, those potatoes which have low starch are strong enough to hold on to the original shape. No sticky affair you know.

Scroll down to lighten the guilt of eating oily foods

Scroll down to lighten the guilt of eating oily foods

Jalebis, Samosas, Bhature, Kachori, Chilly potato, and more… We are probably never enough of eating ghee and oil-rich food. No matter how seriously we restrict ourselves, the fatty food is found to be at our table at least once in a week.  Scroll down to lighten the guilt of eating oily foods

So the heavy amount of oil present in such foods, is it of any good use? Could be. Yes, different oils and ghee have several benefits also. For instance, the ‘puris’ fried in mustard oil may have adorned your health with several advantages. It’s ok to have those puris once in a blue moon. Because mustard oil activates the sweat glands and discloses the skin pores. So, in a way it makes you feel cooler and removes the unnecessary salts and water from the body.

In the winter season, how can an Indian not have the ‘Gajar ka Halwa’. So, don’t feel bad if the wedding party on next weekend is a reason for you to enjoy this carrot dessert. Our body lacks essential oils during the cold days. It’s evident via the dry skin and chapped lips. Not just the upper skin, the inner body also needs fatty acids. What else could be better than ghee to achieve this purpose? Why would you go for the processed cheese and refined oil when you can have something more natural.

Good news for those who relish South Indian food. Coconut oil is a treasure. You would decrease the frequency of falling ill if you hit a dosa once in a week. Not just that, many South Indians look younger than their age because coconut oil regenerates the skin cells faster. Remember, you have got to look younger too! Besides, this oil is an angel in disguise – a one of its kind that helps in becoming slimmer. So, where’s the South Indian food joint near your house?

There is a popular belief ‘Eat everything but in moderation’. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking forward to the weekend wedding party.

Can you guess if mango were to reincarnate, which food would it be?

Can you guess if mango were to reincarnate, which food would it be?

We love sipping its thick pulpy juice. And, yes the King of fruits flavors the beloved milkshake of kids. From the ‘Aam Papad’ to ‘Aam Ka Achar’, we Indians have invented so many exciting ways to accelerate the Mango flavors. Adding more to the guilty joy of taste buds, mangoes’ season is about to boom Delhi.

Can you guess if mango were to reincarnate, which food would it be?
Well, let’s begin with giving you a clue. Just like mango, we make an extensive use of this food. Another guess, we love combining it with every other vegetable. Third and last guess, when nothing else comes to mind, we cook this reincarnated form of mango. Well, it’s none other than our own potatoes.

Be it with lentils or with or with onions, with tomatoes or capsicum, with turnip or brinjal – where do we not add the potatoes. In fact, many regions in North India But, because it’s not sweet, we seldom recognize our love for it. From the French fries to Indianised burger, From aloo chat to samosa, have we spared any dish from getting ”potatonized”? Admit it or not, our love for potatoes is as strong and as devoted as it is for mangoes. No wonder, a potato can rightly be claimed as the reincarnated form of mangoes.

3 herbs will soon cover a few square meters of your balcony

3 herbs will soon cover a few square meters of your balcony


This weekend don’t go out anywhere. No movies, no travel, nothing. Do one thing, give birth. Give birth to three edible herbs on your balcony, plant them. But why so? Because gardening is a meditation that can provide more relief than watching any oscar-winning movie. And also, because these three herbs suggested by Chowki are outstandingly advantageous to your health.

3 herbs will soon cover a few square meters of your balcony

– Curry leaves
Curry leaf is the life of Indian gravies. It gives a boost to the hair growth rate. From skin glow to a distinguished taste – we have endless reasons to grow the curry leaves on the balcony. Choose a suitable spot because the summer sunlight adversely affects the leaves. Also, keep trimming the leaves on a regular basis.

– Coriander
This herb is the part of everyday usage. Why buy it from the market when it can grow on your porch? The months of February and March are best to give life to coriander. You know its consumption on a daily basis doesn’s let us suffer from the deficiency of dietary fiber, manganese, iron, and magnesium.

– Lemongrass
Because of its sharp taste, the addition of Lemongrass brings a delicious twist to many Indian recipes. Well, this herb is a great cleansing agent and reduces the bad cholesterol level. A secret benefit is that it reduces the body odor. In fact, you should suggest growing this herb to your pals who displease your nose.

And, last but not the least, the air surrounding the balcony will be purer and healthier – a perfect setup for Yoga. Isn’t it?

Oh my God...! There is racism in food too!

 Oh my God…! There is racism in food too!


Often the world struggles for peace when the issue of racism surfaces. Thank Jesus for limiting it to humans only. But strangely the food has its own color issues as well. For instance, we Indians overlook the minority of brown eggs due to the majority of white ones. Oh my God…! There is racism in food too!

So, what’s the difference between the two?

Well, the very apparent difference in the looks prompted the researchers to study the differently colored eggs’ composition for years. So, aren’t you excited to know what the research concluded:

Color comes from the parents
Generally, the reason behind the black and brown eggs depends on which hen has laid the egg. For instance, the white-feathered chickens with white or light colored earlobes mostly lay white eggs. While brown-feathered chickens with red earlobes mostly lay brown eggs.

Color doesn’t define the worth
One of the most obvious assumptions is that there must be the significant nutritional difference between these two. You had it in your head. Don’t deny. However, the only proved difference is that the brown eggs consist a slightly greater amount of protein.

Guess whose parents are more foodie
Among the few differences between the brown and white eggs, this one you have to know! Well, usually the brown eggs win the battle in terms of richness. It’s because its parents eat more than those of the white eggs. Richness is in the genes – Proved!

As all the Delhiites are against racism, let’s also be against the food racism. So, brown eggs on the menu tonight? Share your choice in the comments.

Relishing this food is like a spa treatment. Scroll down.

Relishing this food is like a spa treatment. Scroll down.


Why to criminalize the innocent food that makes us lick our fingers? In fact, many flavorsome recipes prove to be a boon for your skin and hair. Believe it or not.

 Relishing this food is like a spa treatment. Scroll down.

Tomato to relieve your skin from Delhi summers – The fruit can reduce the sunburns up to 33%. It significantly improves the skin SPF. Luckily, most of our recipes contain tomatoes. And, we get them fresh from the vegetable market the same day. Mornings are occupied in buying the ingredients so that the food that reaches you is of honest quality.

Spinach leaves to renew the skin cells – You know the folate present in spinach rejuvenates our skin cells. And, the water contained in its leaves reduces the skin wrinkles. For preparing Teekha Paneer Tikka Haryali, the fresh green leaves are picked at the very time from the market. Chowki knows it’s important to keep the nutrient content as intact as possible.

Legumes to nourish your hair – Very few people know but legumes help in improving the hair health. The protein content of this food does a perfect job of ‘repairing and replacing’ the old body cells. And, what is hair – the dead cells of our mass. So ordering the irresistible Dal Dera Makhani twice a week is a healthy mouthwatering alternative to the spa (why not!).

See, with great hair and skin, don’t be surprised if people ask you which spa you have been visiting!

The sweet tooth brigade finishes the desserts before the main course.

Admit it or not. These facts are very much related to you

Admit it or not. These facts are very much related to you

#1 The floating butter on parathas makes water floats on the tongue too.
#2 Didn’t like the prospective wife much, Samosa and Chai were awesome, though.
#3 Don’t we see a Devil in the client when the meeting eats the lunch?
#4 The sweet tooth brigade finishes the desserts before the main course.
#5 One of the core agenda of attending a wedding function is to enjoy good food in abundance
#6 The best way to fight boredom is to hit golgappas!
#7 Deepest regret – when we miss eating a dish that was there in the party and we didn’t realize
#8 Another deepest regret – when tongue waters but tummy is full.
#9 Every vegetarian at some point, must have eaten non-veg unknowingly and guess what! He must’ve enjoyed it too.
#10 Most of the Indian parents are obsessed with milk and kids irritated with its cream.

Be excited to reach home today

Be excited to reach home today

What’s so tempting waiting today? Why do you need to reach home excitedly? Of course, the sofa will be occupied with everything except with a person. The model gazing from the front page of that old magazine may not interest you. Because you are looking back at her the millionth time. Some books are about to fall from shelf like the hundred-year-old about say goodbye.

The same tedious atmosphere! Ohh!! Seems you forgot to study the dining table. Look what’s kept there? The food that has been seducing you for the last few minutes. But you dismissed its enchanting aroma because you were too busy grumbling about the mess around. Go ahead, open the packet. It’s easy to imagine the freshness of the food. Because even when you haven’t removed the packaging, the food was too fresh to not spread its aroma all around! That’s why we said Be excited to reach home today 

Here comes the climax. Now the tongue wouldn’t stop watering. What lies inside is the luscious gravy made rich with butter. It’s none other than the national lentil gravy of India – Dal Makhani. If you are wondering why is it even tastier than usual, then that’s because Chowki chefs simmer it on tandoor throughout the night. After all, there’s no shortcut to perfectly cooked food. See, what’s welcoming you besides the Daal Dera Makhani. It’s the crispy Butter naan. Somethings are evergreen and so is this Indian bread recipe.

Surprise your loved ones today with such terrible food. See their eyes pop out when they look at the dining table. 

Doing this is as difficult as separating oil from water, but you can do it!

Doing this is as difficult as separating oil from water, but you can do it!

Times have changed, so food quality cannot remain the same as well. Since, sixth or seventh grade, we have been reading about the harmful effects of fruits due to the addition of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The apathy is that the soil in which they grow, deeply affects the food quality. In fact, these chemicals are so well engraved that it’s visually impossible to site their intrusion. Doing this is as difficult as separating oil from water, but you can do it!

Wash thoroughly
Wash all your fruits and vegetables. According to the CSE, washing them (with 2% of the salt-water ratio) removes most of the contact pesticide residues that normally appear on the surface of the vegetables and fruits. Almost 75 to 80 percent of pesticide residues are removed by cold water washing. Also, be more thorough with these fruits and vegetables in specific: grapes, apples, guava, plums, mangoes, peaches and pears and vegetables like tomatoes, brinjal, and okra as they might carry more residue in their crevices.

Soak in vinegar
Prepare a solution of ten percent white vinegar and ninety percent water and soak your veggies and fruits in them. Stir them around and rinse thoroughly. Be careful while washing fruits like berries, and those with a thin peel as the solution might damage their porous outer skin.

In fact, the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) came up with a report that declares –
“High levels of pesticide residues can be toxic enough to cause long-term cancer, damage to the nervous and reproductive systems, birth defects, and severe disruption of the immune system.”

So, you see, when you pay for the food, make sure only the healthy version of it reaches you. 

You never knew these ingredients are the vamps of Indian culinary

You never knew these ingredients are the vamps of Indian culinary

What does a vamp do? In many cases, nothing. She is a just bad omen in our Indian T.V series. The poor seldom succeeds in harming the coward, meek and fragile protagonist of the serial. Then, why we all disapprove of vamps? The reason is simple. We hate them but we love them indeed. Similarly, some of the Indian food ingredients are no less than a vamp. We are good hypocrites in pretending to avoid them on many occasions but we wholeheartedly savor their flavors at the same time.

You never knew these ingredients are the vamps of Indian culinary

Onions – The prohibited sin in the Navratri days. But think about your vegetable rolls, is there any better replacement for onions? Butter chicken and Kadhai Paneer wouldn’t be the same again in their absence.

Garlic – As our grandparents have emphasized – consumption of garlic encourages us to commit seven sins. But, the sharp flavor of this bulb is almost impossible to avoid. This food itself is enough to flavor the bread and bewitch the world with its taste.

Chilies – When a person ends a fast or a holy ritual, relishing spicy food becomes almost a vice. Nevertheless, be it the tangy South Indian gravies or happening North Indian curries, even Einstein can’t make them flavorful without using chilies.

Non-veg and eggs – No wonder how many reasons your vegetarian pals list to avoid nonveg! Any non-vegetarian loves hitting a Tandoori chicken or Mutton gravy. On the other hand, the eggetarians are bound to water their tongues for eggs after a heavy work out. In fact, Non-veg and eggs are a synonym to good food, the majority of the reader would give a thumbs up to it.

Some occasions expect us to refrain from these lip-smacking foods. But, who is not tempted to relish them!