Nurture your health with non-veg

For so many people, a feast must comprise of non-vegetarian food or else it is a crime to term it a ‘feast’.
Blended in the rich gravy of spices, vegetables and overpowering aroma, a non-vegetarian food is a  pleasure any day. India is majorly a vegetarian country but despite that, we have countless mesmerising non-veg recipes.
From starters to the main course, a non-veg food can be served both ways. Eggs omelette is something you can prepare instantly. The ventures of non-veg delicacies are too many to explore. Chicken Afghani, chicken biryani, chilly chicken, chicken tikka, egg curry, egg biryani, boiled egg, masala omelette, Awadhi biryani, rogan josh, mutton kabab, mutton korma, Amritsari fish, fish korma, fish pakora, fish curry and so on.
Meat has several advantages over vegetarian food. For instance, it helps directly in supplying haemoglobin and phosphorus to the human body. It strengthens the bones. Many of its products are rich in low-fat protein. Fish, on the other hand, is rich in  calcium and vitamins that help in nourishing the hair as well as skin. Egg after the milk is the best source of nutrition. It is recommended for faster recovery.
Now, that you have been informed more about the benefits of eating non-vegetarian food, may we know what would you like to order from Chowki!

Indian tongue discovered the lusciousness of chicken

Everything has a beginning. However, great ideas are too unleashed to disappear with some civilizations. Instead, they would travel to many and their worth would enchant its spell over the millions. Same is the case with chicken.
 How Chicken became our food
By the way, it was in India that started domesticating chickens. It is estimated by researchers that even around 700 B.C., several Indian communities had the tradition of eating cooked chickens and eggs.
How it spread
From India, the chicken saga subsequently spread to the West Asia, Thailand, Egypt, Rome. and Greece.  

The story behind

In fifth century B.C., the Athenian General Themistocles was on his way to  confront Persian forces. He suddenly stopped as he saw two cocks fighting. He ordered his troops to stop by saying that –
“Behold, these do not fight with their household gods, for the monuments of their ancestors, for the glory, for liberty or the safety of their children but only because one will not give way to the other. “
The Greeks went on to preserve the civilization they learned from the Persians of cooking and eating chicken.

India being the inventor of this exquisite purpose, also has numerous enlightening recipes. Order from Chowki and delight your time with outstandingly made Chicken recipes ranging from Murg Makhni to Murg Biryani. After all, India made Chicken a food, so, we know one of the finest ways to cook it.


Quench your hunger with something sweet

We endeavour to make this season more memorable by talking about some sugar coated  recipes that suit the interest of Hindu fasting yet experiments with the taste.
We endeavour to make this season more memorable by talking about some sugar coated  recipes that suit the interest of Hindu fasting yet experiments with the taste.
Go sweet with khoya til laddoo
It’s for sure that your will receive enough calories with something sweet. So, why not to try khoya til laddoo. Khoya is basically the dried whole milk. The roasted and  grinded sesame seeds are mixed with khoya and powdered sugar. Believe us, it is the replacement chocolates.
Mix of fruity flavours – Fruit Raita
Finely chop different fruits of your choice say  pineapple, oranges, banana and mix them in yogurt salted with rock salt and spiced up with pepper and roasted sesame seeds. It will compensate for the tooty fruity ice-cream to be avoided in the fasting season.
Saboodana kheer that smells heaven
The fine saboodana is blended in hot sweet milk and fragmented with cardamom and saffron. The kheer tastes awesome, sabo tastes like jelly crystals. Try this kheer and you won’t mind if Navratri season stays the entire year.
After being informed about these recipes, we hope that these nine days become  more pleasant for you.

Foodie pleasure that comes with Navratri

The days of purity, worship, devotion, and spirituality are the days of Goddes Durga. With the dawn, of Navratri, we are sure that you are not just looking forward to worshiping Goddess Durga but, also to narrowing the waistline by eating tasty Navratri delicacies for nine days.
We express gratitude in these holy days for what we have already been blessed with and for granting us the power to venture successfully  towards a bright future. Hindus keep fast and eat only after the evening Puja. Their hunger is quenched by eating the traditional delicacies with no use of common salt, onion and garlic. Instead of common salt, the food is made salty with sendha namak – the pure rock salt. Among the most popular Navratri recipes in North-India, there come the vrat wale aloo, singhare ki poori, dahi aloo, dahi arbi, jeera dahi and aloo tomato sabzi.
As you observe, there are many recipes which include the aloo as it is an excellent source of carbohydrates. Instead of cereals like rice and wheat, the flour of Kuttu or buckwheat is used. Dahi or yogurt again contains calcium and special proteins that make up for the entire day hunger.
May in these Navratri season, you replenish your soul with reverence for higher power and health with pure recipes.

The Milky world of Indian cuisine

Children in our country can’t sleep without granny narrating the tale and a glass of milk. Thick, fluid, hard, spongy; the milk and its derived products exist in many states of matter and definitely all are delightful in taste.

Milk and milk products are an indispensable part of Indian cuisine; be it in the form of curd, raita, Khoya, butter, buttermilk, sweet dish and the list is probably endless.They complete an Indian meal not only from the point of view of taste but nutrition. Vitamin-D contained in milk helps in strengthening the bone density. Milk is also an excellent source of protein. Thus, grabbing a mug of milk is something you should always do after jogging.

Nearly 50-55% of total milk production in India is used to make other products. Even Indian tea and coffee can’t do without lactose input. Milk tops the list in having the maximum array of nutrients.

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India – The king of spices

Chilly, sour, sweet, salty, spicy, mouth-watering, curry, bitter – Indian spices are deliciously overwhelming in their flavours. The world learned from India taste. Mornings in India are awakened by the rich aroma of spices, when mothers and housewives are cooking delightfully for the family.

Try to trace the roots of your farthest possible forefathers, even before that period, the usage of spices was very much part of the Indian civilization. This culture is as old as the world history of spices. If Rig Veda is testified to mention about mustard, then Yajur Veda talks about black pepper.

Some other country would have been called the Land of Spices, had it been fortuned with India’s diverse topography. Mountain, swamp, riverine, tropical rainforest, wetlands, marshy woodland, rich valley and green field – each type of land nourishes specific spices.
The culture of making spicy food further led Indians to cultivate them in their farms. Due to the abundance of spices, Ayurveda also studied their health benefits and concluded that each one of them has an array of advantages.
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