Mughal history would be more exciting in school if you knew these facts

Mughal history would be more exciting in school if you knew these facts

Well, most of us were introduced to the Mughal Era in the seventh grade. Kids today go through such a ‘hard time’ while grasping the dates of history. Actually, Mughal history would be more exciting in school if you knew these facts –

A king with nomadic taste
Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur, The first Mughal conqueror in India had an exciting life as he traveled to many places. And, You know what he would usually like the most, the food cooked by the nomadic tribes.

A story of trust, drama, and betrayal
Babur chose to retain the Hindu cooks even after defeating the Indian Prince. However, going by the advice of the dethroned emperor’s mother, one of the cooks poisoned Babur’s food. The king, luckily, vomited out the food and thus, got saved.

What Persia had to do with all this
When Babur’s successor Humayun was ousted by Sher Shar Suri, the former went to Persia for help. There he presented the Indian cooks to Shah of Iran. Soon after, ‘khichdi’ (rice cooked with lentils) became popular in Persia too.

Akbar got Hindu influence
Sources claim that Akbar preferred a vegetarian diet, particularly on Friday. He considered the water of Ganges as the ‘water of immortality’. The servants would go by camel to fetch this water for him. Many believe it was the influence of his Hindu Rajput Wife Jodha.

Which of these facts surprised you the most, share in the comments below. And yes, don’t forget to share these facts with the kids:)

Read this only if you prefer feeling good after eating...

Read this only if you prefer feeling good after eating…

Yeah, a delicious meal not only quenches your hunger, it also rejoices us. But, many feel heavy and a sense of discomfort after eating. The reason is simple – poor digestion. Be greedy. Make the best use of the food consumed.

Read this only if you prefer feeling good after eating…

The simple sugar of fruits doesn’t take much time to sort out. It gets easily broken and thus, simplified. The problem arises when we combine simple sugars with the complex ones of cooked foods. Reserve mornings for the fruits. Allow nothing but fruits in those two hours before or after the breakfast. As for lunch and dinner, Chowki kitchen is always willing to serve!

Another common mistake we make is having a walk after eating. Surprisingly, it’s neither sleeping nor walking that’s meant to be done after filling the stomach. Because sleeping while the body is busy digesting the food isn’t very serene. And, those who walk after dining maybe sharing the energy that should only be devoted to food absorption in the body.

The third blunder an eater tends to commit is sipping tea/coffee in the post-eating period. You know these beverages, at least, decreases the iron absorption. So, the Dum Aloo will won’t give you any Dum (translated ‘power’ in Hindi) if you can’t resist these hot drinks containing caffeine and nicotine.

A good food becomes better if it doesn’t cause any uneasiness afterward. Chowki food will keep your taste buds more harmonious if you have read this article.

Are you smart? Well, let's see...

Are you smart? Well, let’s see…

Every Monday is characteristic of this reaction “Oh God! Monday again!!”. Yeah because the leisure of weekend is still luring us while we are expected to face the baggage of upcoming reality. And, reality seldom has leisure, does it?Anyways, Are you smart? Well, let’s see…

Yeah, it’s pretty convincing to put the blame on your schedule when life is too busy to be peppy. However, most of us wait for the diva of delirium to knock the door and embrace us. So, how do you plan to earn some excitement today? But, before we go ahead with this question, let us clarify the definition of excitement – “change is excitement”. You may be thinking of devoting an hour to your school friend in the evening or going out for a dinner. Well, if the latter is in today’s kitty, let’s comment on your choice a bit.

How far is that food outlet? Let’s keep it minimum so half an hour away. Didn’t you realize that one hour has already gone in commuting? It would take five minutes for the waiter to reach you and you would take another five to place the order. Additionally, you will receive the food after 15 minutes (presuming that the restaurant has effective services). You spent one hour twenty minutes in getting your favorite food. Although the restaurant didn’t play your kinda music and it didn’t invite your kinda crowd. Would this visit make your day exciting anyhow?

Alternatively, had you thought of ordering food from Chowki. it already would have been there as and when you reached home. Your kinda music is in your laptop and definitely, you can invite your kinda crowd too 🙂

One call would get the world's most popular Indian foods on your table

One call would get the world’s most popular Indian foods on your table

While Biryani is from Hyderabad, Kofta from the Middle East and Butter Chicken from our very Punjab – we Indians have embraced all the possibly delectable tastes in our lifestyle. But, what’s the world’s most preferred in the Indian cuisine? Don’t be surprised but the Non-Indians prefer ordering Biryanis, Kofta varieties, and Butter Chicken.

One call would get the world’s most popular Indian foods on your table

The Biryani is a weakness of many. The fragrant rice steamed with meat /egg and herbs – what a flavorsome idea! An Indian meal can’t satisfy till it doesn’t contain rice or chapatis. If not chapatis, today, pamper your taste buds with this rice food made richer with chunks of meat and tastier with a dozen of spices. Chowki can cook for you the Gosht Biryani, Chicken Biryani, and Egg Biryani.

The kofta is a dish whose softness can beat that of a velvet. The food has the bounty of the Middle East with a Desi twist. Don’t miss ordering Chowki’s special Malai Anzeer Kofta. The fullness of cottage cheese flirting with the twist of figs inside. And, this affair floats on the cashew nut gravy. Relish it with Lehsuni Naan.

Butter Chicken seems to be the national chicken recipe of the country. Not to mention, it’s the world’s top favorite Indian recipe (in non-veg category). Who wouldn’t like the combo of spiced butter and juicy chicken. The recipe has everything – chicken to satisfy nonveg temptation, herbs and spices to bring the Indian tang and butter to make it a perfect food to feast.

Ohh! Chowki was so engrossed in talking about food that it forgot to tell you the number. Well, just dial 011 40535101 /102 and place the order. And, the aroma of food will blossom your doorstep within 30 minutes or so.

Where does most of the fresh paneer of Kalkaji (Delhi ) go? Traitors found.

Where does most of the fresh paneer of Kalkaji (Delhi ) go? Traitors found.

All the dairy owners in Kalkaji name a restaurant that buys most of their fresh paneer. Well, actually our Menu has numerous cottage cheese recipes. So, is it right to put the blame on Chowki when the restaurant cooks for you ‘Kalkajians’ only. 

Where does most of the fresh paneer of Kalkaji (Delhi ) go? Traitors found. 

The temptation begins with Sofina Paneer Tikka in which the paneer is pampered in Tandoor with fennel, mint, raisins and bell peppers. Finally, freshly grilled paneer reaches your tummy. The list is followed by Paneer Tikka Kandhari – the process of  marination  infuses herbal flavors into the paneer pieces. There’s also a layer of veggies and the gram flour. Well, this recipe is a unique deal for your tongue.

Also, don’t miss the Teekha Paneer Tikka Haryali in which the cottage cheese is grilled to perfection. The spicy chili tang, spinach, and richness of curd and there’s still more to come. The gravy couldn’t have been more luscious. By the way, Paneer Peshawari is no less finger-licking delicious. The whole coriander pieces and the red chilies uniquely flavor the recipe.

Paneer is a great filling for many dishes! For a change, let’s stuff the paneer. That’s why Chowki chefs bring you Paneer Pasanda and you know what we choose to stuff – nuts. The gravy, of course, is brimmed with herbs and spices. Back to our roots, Paneer Makhani – the traditional gravy made richer with butter. And, since the paneer list has to have an end, let it be with Gobhi Paneer Bhurji. The goodness of cauliflower coupled with the bounty of paneer – what a combo!

Which one is your favorite, place the order now and let us know 🙂

Foods you would even find around the highest point of the world

Foods you would even find around the highest point of the world

Lip-smacking taste isn’t partial to locations. Be it the dense populace of Delhi or remote areas around the Himalayas, delectable flavors are omnipresent. So, the long stretch of Himalayas is spread across more than a dozen of Indian states. The chilling weather and a virgin ambiance untouched by the urban civilization.

Foods you would even find around the highest point of the world –

Dal and rice
One of the most commonly consumed food combos – how can even the Himalayas miss it. The spiced gravy of lentils provides and boiled rice together hydrate the body really well.

Momos or dumplings
Due to the Tibetan influence, many Himalayan regions also steam the momos as a regular part of their diet. And, now they are available in every nook and corner of Delhi as well.

The Himalayan area in Darjeeling is surrounded by tea gardens. So, the tea leaves plucked fresh from the garden are instantly added to the boiling water. The beverage couldn’t have been fresher.

Hard yak cheese
Yak is the national animal of Indian mountainous regions – Absolutely a valid statement! In the Himalayas, with overwhelming beauty and dearth of resources, this creature is made maximum use of. From riding on it to relishing its cheese. The hard and hardly found cheese is widely available here.

The impact of Tibet doesn’t end here. It can’t without mentioning Thukpa. It is the irresistible noodles floating in a hot spicy gravy topped with meat. Usually, the gravy has tomato flavor. Sounds delicious no..? Try or resist the temptation.

So, after unfolding the taste of the Himalayas, it’s, even more, difficult to wait for the next trip.

Hey what these pseudo-vegetables are doing in your kitchen!

Hey what these pseudo-vegetables are doing in your kitchen!

Botany is a tough matter, man! It’s so unpredictable to categorize the foods on the basis of fruits and vegetables. At times, the result could be surprising…

Technically, a fruit is “sweet and fleshy product of a tree or other plant that contains seed and can be eaten as food”. Hey what these pseudo-vegetables are doing in your kitchen!

Your favorite ‘Baingan ka Bharta’ is made with it. Brinjal is a fruit, though.

We add it to delight so many Indian curries. But, only a few know that tomato is a fruit.

The life of Indo-Chinese food – our very own capsicum is a fruit. Unbelievable!

Okra or lady finger
‘Bhindi ki Sabzi’ tastes so delicious. Never knew it’s a fruit. Did you?

The big fat food is the favorite of many. Unexpectedly, it’s a fruit.

Hope, these fruits were surprising enough for you. Which one was most unexpected? Share in the comments.

Here's how different a Delhite has become in the last few years

Here’s how different a Delhite has become in the last few years

Change is the only constant. How true is it! You know just like the world around, we too change a lot with time; For example, our food habits. So, Here’s how different a Delhite has become in the last few years  –

  • Regional is the new new – In fact, the trend of going regional is evident in weddings as well. In a recent wedding, the waiters served a combo of milk and jaggery. Well, you may have never heard about it. But, having jaggery with hot milk is quite a tradition in many North Indian areas. Similarly, you can also relish hot pearl millet porridge simmered in Desi Ghee these days.
  • Food couldn’t have been celebrated more –  You know the trickiest thing about food is that you have to taste it to know it. Mere words can’t satiate the temptation of our taste buds. That’s why Delhi is witnessing so many food festivals these days – each with a different theme. Be the festival specially meant for the kids or a state – you will definitely find one that interests you.
  •   Food that makes you travel – Gone were the days when climate would draw people to travel. For instance, taking refuge in the snow of Himalayas during the scorching summers. These days you travel for the Coorg coffee and Darjeeling tea. Nowadays, people know and revere food literature much more than ever.

So, you see, how cleverly our habits have evolved. Definitely, you have something to share regarding the changing food trends. Do enlighten the fellow readers in the comments 🙂

Time is money. So, here are your 15-minute recipes!

Time is money. So, here are your 15-minute recipes!

Getting late for office so breakfast delayed! How sad! It happens because you think that a delicious and pro-fitness meal would consume at least forty minutes of yours. Chowki needs to present you the other side of the coin. Time is money. So, here are your 15-minute recipes!

Cucumber Sandwich – Cut the cucumber into very little pieces, spread pepper and salt and sandwich them between two bread loaves. For a rich flavor, you can add some milk cream in the stuffing.

Vegetable salad- Broccoli, capsicum, whatever is there – cut and flavor with salt, a couple of your favorite spices and a little cheese. Microwave for a minute or two. This breakfast of bowl full of salad if observed for a week can make your face glow.

Stuffed Parathas (if the dough is ready) – Easy and delicious! Moreover, you have so much of choice. From the Dal, that was cooked last night to the onions, go for intriguing stuffing alternatives.

White Omelette – Breakfast and no talk about omelet – not possible! To make it healthier, remove the yolk part. And, your special fondness for eating eggs is not compromised. Rather, you eat only the beneficial part.

It’s obvious to not able to work efficiently when you are painfully waiting for the lunch hours. These hunger pangs occur because you didn’t breakfast like a king. A healthy breakfast does a lot. At least, it’s bound to make you more productive in the office.

How can brinjal be a delightful dinner? Possibly with these recipes.

How can brinjal be a delightful dinner? Possibly with these recipes.

Many people, especially kids don’t like ‘baingan ka bharta’. Maybe, the same will happen tonight. What would you do with that brinjal then? Not liking ‘Baingan ka bharta’? How can brinjal be a delightful dinner? Possibly with these recipes.

1. Begare Baingan
Simple and sorted. No boiling and heating. Just blend the mashed Aubergine with spices, green chili, ginger, and onions. And, then Garnish with lemon juice and coriander. The hot and sour flavor is relished with chapatis and some other Indian gravy. Now is the dinner boring? Definitely, not!

2. Caponata
Add olives, tomato puree, sugar, and vinegar to the frying brinjal. Keep it as it is for a day. And, next day this delicious chutney is ready to amaze you. Try with Dal fry and simple boiled rice, the same food with a lip-smacking twist.

3. Chok Wangun
And, now comes the 2-minute recipe. Ingredients like salt, red chili powder, clove are added to the deeply fried brinjal. Keep stirring for two minutes and you are done. Relish this mixture with plain parathas.

4. Roasted Aubergine Dip
Alternatively, you can go for something not-so-Indian. What about an exotic dip with fresh and flavored bread. A light roasting of brinjal with olive oil, garlic, onion, and red chili. Wait till it cools down and then add lemon juice. Use it as a dip for garlic bread.

Now that you have four amazing recipes to try, you won’t forget to buy brinjal in the next market visit.