Here's a healthy way to reduce your monthly expenditure. Find out -

 Here’s a healthy way to reduce your monthly expenditure. Find out –


Spending less directly implies a poor lifestyle. What if it can also imply a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s a healthy way to reduce your monthly expenditure. Find out –

Well, this food is only for taste and calories. If you think that the preserved and ground fruits of gem have retained any other nutrient, then sorry. Go for honey. It’s more natural. What nutrition experts see in jam is pure sugar – scary no!

A recent pieces of research proved that cheese can create a very strong addiction. Moreover, the process of making it also debars cheese from preserving the essential nutritional value. Milk cream can be a much better substitute. You’ll love it, once you get used to it.

Yes, it’s the right time to drop this product from your monthly shopping list. If you are going to miss it so much, check the recipe online. Because the cream in packaged mayonnaise is shallow in terms of health benefits.

Be it the cream and onion flavor or tomato flavor, every ingredient is chemically preserved in these packaged wafers. Thus, they are nutritionally dead. And, that’s for sure that fatty acids are not a ‘nutrient’. If potatoes fascinate you that much, fry quick potatoes at home.


How sad is that most of us still don’t know the best use of an electric grinder/churner. You know it can be used to make the butter – the white and pure one which we have seen in the pics of Lord Krishna. Otherwise, you may go for the market brands that contain artificial flavors.

Oh just forgot to mention that when grocery shopping is easy on your pocket, you feel so good. And, that’s also healthy 🙂

When tongue is happy and you're losing weight - clap your hands! 

When tongue is happy and you’re losing weight – clap your hands! 

Who would say no to shedding kilos? Only an undernourished person. All in all, most of us want to become slimmer. When tongue is happy and you’re losing weight – clap your hands! –

Have these foods in dinner and weigh your body after few months.

Hot and liquidy. Limit the spices to pepper and salt only. Go for milk cream rather than any butter or cheese to oil the gravy. Experiment with different fruits and vegetables to make your soup more interesting with each passing day.

Vegetable pasta
Prepare a pasta that has more veggies than pasta. But why are we insisting on vegetables. Well, the best thing about them is that that are high in roughage content. Thus, this pasta will only slim down your waistline.

Masala Porridge
When we Indians hear the word ‘porridge’ or ‘Daliya’, it reminds us of the hospital. But just think about it that it doesn’t have any oil nor it is sweetened. So, the only constraint is taste. Try adding your favorite spices to it. Spread chopped cucumber over it when done.

Losing weight depends a lot on the dinner habits. So, the sooner you adopt healthy habits, the better.

Here's your ticket to the most delicious day of your life.

Here’s your ticket to the most delicious day of your life.

Who in the world likes to get bored? But, boredom inevitably visits our life sometimes. Ending this monotony, let’s explore how exciting can your day be, provided there’s a Punjabi kitchen available. Here’s your ticket to the most delicious day of your life.

Breakfast with a bang. The moment you arrive at the breakfast table, you would receive a luscious welcome with parathas and a glass of buttermilk. The delectable spiced stuffing could be of anything, from potato, cauliflower, cottage cheese, to onion, peas, and radish. The home made and thus. least processed white butter floats on the top of the parathas. Hot bread with cool lassi is great enough to cheer your day!

Reserve ‘Makke di Roti and Sarson ka Saag’ for the noon meal. It’s a sabzi made out of mustard leaves. The cornflour chapatis are relatively harder than the wheat ones. But, both have their own unique taste. And, this green mildly spicy gravy simply complements the bread. The evenings are hosted by a hot cup of tea and a plate full of pakoras. The steaming hot snacks kill your sudden hunger pangs just effortlessly.

And, now comes the last supper of the day. Dal, Tandoori Roti, and Raita. the lentil gravy brimmed with Indian herbal flavors, the softness of butter, and a tang of spices. The chapatis served straight on your plate from the hot tandoor.

So, you see how Punjabi kitchen can evoke your taste buds and mood. Then you would ask
“What is boredom?”

Had good exercise today? Eat these foods to have daily

Had good exercise today? Eat these foods to have daily

People are actually health conscious these days. That’s good. But you know daily physical workout consumes so much of body’s energy that we need special food to recover the loss. Be it the muscle tear or dehydration, we instantly need to eat a proper meal to feel energized and strong again.

Had good exercise today? Eat these foods to have daily –

Yogurt with berries – Proteins and carbohydrates, it has both. Add some berries to it to fight the muscle soreness. A perfect food after a workout, although only from the nutritional point of view. Hehehe!

Banana – This calcium powerhouse gives an instant energy. Moreover, the selenium present in it would make you happier. So banana stands for strength and smile 🙂

Mixed vegetables – Time to experiment. From cucumber, capsicum to radish and carrot – how weird and exotic can the vegetable mix be! Try them all, they have got what your sweating body demands after working out.

Milk with cornflakes – Milk with loads of vitamins and cornflakes with loads of carbs. Avoid adding sugar as it directly turns into fat. So marry milk with cornflakes and no sugar. That’s how the body gets the ‘precise’ amount of energy.

You must have liked one of these diets. Shop accordingly in the evening because the regular workout begins tomorrow.

 Things you must know about the most famous spice in the world.

 Things you must know about the most famous spice in the world.


What excites you the most about Indian food. Spices certainly. You know there are three kinds of Pepper we use in the country – Chili, black and Pippali. Each has its own distinctive taste and personality when it comes to the usage.Things you must know about the most famous spice in the world. Let’s explore them better –

There’s very little we know about the Pippali or long pepper, but it occupies a significant place in Ayurveda. It’s also used in Indian pickling.

But who can forget the chili pepper! You know many psychologists confirm that it gives a feel of ‘constraint risk’. What is that? It’s like a roller coaster ride. The hot chilies give you the thrill, but at the same time you know you are not gonna die! Besides, it’s also used in pepper spray (for safety measure).

Rich in Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C, you got a good reason to add it to your food. To your surprise, the British Medical Journal also concluded that those who regularly consume chili pepper have a more stable blood-sugar level.

The history of Black pepper speaks for itself. It was not only used to flavor the food but also as a currency and a price. The next time you make the soup, do add an extra pinch of black pepper as it makes your skin glow. Besides, this antioxidant, anti-bacterial spice also makes the digestion faster.

Now you have so many reasons to use pepper, food is definitely going to be spicier today 🙂

So, How's your day gonna be? Good if you had any one of these -

So, How’s your day gonna be? Good if you had any one of these –

Food and superstition have an inseparable relation. So, How’s your day gonna be? Good if you had any one of these –

Egg with two yolks
Eggs are associated with fertility. The omelet you had in the morning, did you observe it when you broke it? Good – if you found two yolks. According to a popular superstition, finding two yolks means you will be getting married soon or expecting twins.

Bread with no hole
Well, this one is indeed hilarious. You know some bread loaves have little holes. These holes are compared to coffins and depict death. So, if your grandfather had the toast with no hole in it, it means he’s gonna live even longer! Good reason to be happy.

A tea in which you added sugar first, milk later
Having a morning tea is a must for a North Indian. So, which one do you add first, sugar or milk? I mean, it’s a good omen if you add sugar first. But, if you go for the reverse, it symbolizes delay in marriage. Thankfully, it’s just a superstition.

Coffee with bubbles
Being a coffee person, you must have observed the bubbles lying on its surface? If you have the habit of catching those bubbles in a spoon and swallowing them – Great! money can come anytime! At least, you got an excuse to feel positive. Aha!

Hope you enjoyed reading these popular superstitions associated with food. Share them with your friends and amaze them!

 Do you also believe in these food facts? Oops!

 Do you also believe in these food facts? Oops!

We follow certain eating patterns in the very hope that we would become healthier and thinner. However, many of the believes are misinterpreted.

Do you also believe in these food facts? Oops!

The Healthiest Diet is a Low-Fat, High-Carb that is cereals

Until now, a section of people still believes that the cereal food cannot make them fat. Hence, though they are on a diet, they wouldn’t mind cutting on high-carb food. In reality, they end up putting on more kilos.

Salt should be avoided to lower blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks
No research pieces prove that prohibiting salt use helps in minimizing the risk of heart attacks. It may reduce the blood pressure by 1-5 mm/Hg which is a negligible figure.

Eating less but many times a day burns fat
You also have heard about the ‘dieting tip’ that we should eat the same amount of food but in six-seven intervals. On the contrary, many surveys reveal that since, the number of calories intake is same, there’s no reduction in the body weight.


Oily food only makes you fat
This sentence is incomplete actually. Oily food only makes you fat when it is rich in carbohydrates as well. On the contrary, the fatty food with low carbs instead reduces the weight.

So, a lot of changes on the dinner menu tonight after debunking these nutrition myths?

Gain weight or have these foods. 2nd option is better!

Gain weight or have these foods. 2nd option is better!

You can’t go to the terrace for work. It’s office. So, basically, you end up sitting, working and not to forget, eating. But why so? Why we tend to eat in excess. It’s because of the vitamin D deficiency. Doesn’t mean you will keep on eating. Something has to be done.

Gain weight or have these foods. 2nd option is better!

Milk – The ultimate source of Vitamin D. Since, the temperature is falling, go for the hot steaming milk. And, how can one avoid delicious jalebis with it. Anyways, we recommend milk daily, not jalebis.

Egg yolk – You may not get time to enjoy the sunlight in winters. It’s ok, the sunny part of the egg is definitely enriching. Be it the omelet or poached eggs, never miss a chance to hit this food.

Yogurt and cottage cheese – All the milk products are an excellent source of Vitamin D. So, never feel guilty in relishing ‘mishti doi’ or ‘kadhai paneer’. Moderate consumption is the key again.

Cereals – Whole cereals are another significant source of this nutrient. Thankfully, be it the chapatis or rice, an Indian meal contains a good portion of cereals. Try having dinner a bit earlier because cereals are high in carbs as well.

Mushrooms – The alternative to fighting Vitamin D deficiency couldn’t have been tastier. Mushrooms are superfood actually. And, there’s so much you can do with them. Be it the mushroom pizza or a simple sabzi. The evergreen taste of this food fits anywhere.

So, which food do you plan to keep staple in winters?

Get rid of bitterness, not bitter gourd. It's simple actually.

Get rid of bitterness, not bitter gourd. It’s simple actually.

“I love karela, but its bitter taste is too much!”

How many times we have heard this! And, maybe you also believe the same. Except for the bitter part, karela recipes are simply yummy. Wish karela was not at all bitter!

But finally, you would love cooking bitter gourd without giving any second thought. Get rid of bitterness, not bitter gourd. It’s simple actually.

The peeler in your kitchen is of a lot of uses. You can separate the upper layer of bitter gourd with it. Don’t worry. We are not gonna waste that upper layer. A food is not to waste after all! It, in fact, can be stuffed in the parathas. Anyways, dump the seeds of bitter gourd then and slice it into pieces. Rub a lot of salt in and around the karela pieces. Keep them as they are for half an hour. You know salt helps in extracting that bitter taste. So, since, it’s been half an hour now, time to squeeze the bitter gourd to get rid of the unwanted flavor. And, now be more aggressive. Bring the pieces under a running tap and clean them thoroughly. You just need to happily follow this process. Mission successful, bitterness encountered.

But, by any chance, you find any traces of bitterness, you still have the time to reduce it. Why don’t you stuff something sweet (say sugar or jaggery) when the dish is about to be ready. Alternatively, you can boil the karela in a salted water and remove the excess water. And then, add some other vegetable to it. The list is long. It could be onion, or cottage cheese or potato or ladyfinger. You can even add them all. The more the better.

We were taught in school – we should eat all vegetables and fruits. Consuming Karela will let you follow it.

Too lazy to drink water in winters? There's always a way out.

Too lazy to drink water in winters? There’s always a way out.

The ultimate challenge in winters – to get up from the bed on time. The cozy quilts and cold weather turn us into a hibernating bear. But, probably you are not even aware of the second challenge. It’s the proper hydration of the body. Most of us tend to run towards a hot cup of coffee. But what about drinking water?

Well, the not so pleasing truth is that you have got to drink water. But, if you find other alternatives, the water requirement goes down. Any food we consume has some liquid content. Hard to believe but even chapatis. What about the hot spicy gravies. Prefer having something fluid-rich like lentils. Or, experiment with the usual meals by making them more liquidy.

It’s obvious for you to consider the popular tea and coffee drinks. Sadly, the caffeine present in them reduces the body’s water content. Visit the nearest grocery store today because decaffeinated tea and coffee brands are also available. And, now comes your favorite. The hot and healthy soups. Just use a minimal amount of salt and you have the whole right of sipping as much soup as possible.

Before you get puzzled, here is the summary. Food with more gravy, soups with less salt, and tea and coffee with no caffeine. These are the three options to keep your body hydrated. Short and sweet.