Time is money. So, here are your 15-minute recipes!

Time is money. So, here are your 15-minute recipes!

Getting late for office so breakfast delayed! How sad! It happens because you think that a delicious and pro-fitness meal would consume at least forty minutes of yours. Chowki needs to present you the other side of the coin. Time is money. So, here are your 15-minute recipes!

Cucumber Sandwich – Cut the cucumber into very little pieces, spread pepper and salt and sandwich them between two bread loaves. For a rich flavor, you can add some milk cream in the stuffing.

Vegetable salad- Broccoli, capsicum, whatever is there – cut and flavor with salt, a couple of your favorite spices and a little cheese. Microwave for a minute or two. This breakfast of bowl full of salad if observed for a week can make your face glow.

Stuffed Parathas (if the dough is ready) – Easy and delicious! Moreover, you have so much of choice. From the Dal, that was cooked last night to the onions, go for intriguing stuffing alternatives.

White Omelette – Breakfast and no talk about omelet – not possible! To make it healthier, remove the yolk part. And, your special fondness for eating eggs is not compromised. Rather, you eat only the beneficial part.

It’s obvious to not able to work efficiently when you are painfully waiting for the lunch hours. These hunger pangs occur because you didn’t breakfast like a king. A healthy breakfast does a lot. At least, it’s bound to make you more productive in the office.

How can brinjal be a delightful dinner? Possibly with these recipes.

How can brinjal be a delightful dinner? Possibly with these recipes.

Many people, especially kids don’t like ‘baingan ka bharta’. Maybe, the same will happen tonight. What would you do with that brinjal then? Not liking ‘Baingan ka bharta’? How can brinjal be a delightful dinner? Possibly with these recipes.

1. Begare Baingan
Simple and sorted. No boiling and heating. Just blend the mashed Aubergine with spices, green chili, ginger, and onions. And, then Garnish with lemon juice and coriander. The hot and sour flavor is relished with chapatis and some other Indian gravy. Now is the dinner boring? Definitely, not!

2. Caponata
Add olives, tomato puree, sugar, and vinegar to the frying brinjal. Keep it as it is for a day. And, next day this delicious chutney is ready to amaze you. Try with Dal fry and simple boiled rice, the same food with a lip-smacking twist.

3. Chok Wangun
And, now comes the 2-minute recipe. Ingredients like salt, red chili powder, clove are added to the deeply fried brinjal. Keep stirring for two minutes and you are done. Relish this mixture with plain parathas.

4. Roasted Aubergine Dip
Alternatively, you can go for something not-so-Indian. What about an exotic dip with fresh and flavored bread. A light roasting of brinjal with olive oil, garlic, onion, and red chili. Wait till it cools down and then add lemon juice. Use it as a dip for garlic bread.

Now that you have four amazing recipes to try, you won’t forget to buy brinjal in the next market visit.


These Raitas are exciting enough – by taste as well as composition

Making this yogurt dish (Raita) is usually a 10-minute job. Its light flavors and health benefits are the two reasons that we should have them often. These Raitas are exciting enough – by taste as well as composition –

1.) Pomegranate raita – The calcium of Dahi and iron of Pomegranate is like a perfect match of ying-yang. Because females usually lack calcium and males iron.

2.) Mango Raita – It’s admitted that mango shake is popular and yummy. But trying an odd way out could also give unexpected results. Mix the brittle juicy mango pieces in the spiced yogurt, you got the best from both the worlds – sweet and spicy. Be greedy!

3.) Bhindi Raita – Tried Dahi and ‘bhindi ki sabzi’ served with fresh hot chapatis? Now try the same chapatis with Bhindi Raita. The lightly fried Bhindis immersed in yogurt is one heaven of a taste.

4.) Burhani Raita
The name is new to many. So before you start scratching your head, it’s a flavored raita, inspired by the Hyderabadi taste. The garlic, chili powder, and roasted cumin suffice in delivering a more than satisfying taste.

Ohh! just forgot to mention, have you tried Burhan raita from Chowki? It’s mesmerizing.


If you love Shahi Paneer, you probably haven’t heard about this one.

Undoubtedly, the Indian Paneer gravies can’t be missed during any special gathering. Well, there’s nothing wrong if you continue relishing shahi paneer. But, at the same time, the foodie inside you can’t resist the Peshawari flavours once tasted.

If you love Shahi Paneer, you probably haven’t heard about this one. 

As the name suggests, the smack of the Peshawari Paneer is quite inspired by the cooking techniques of Peshawar (a place in Pakistan). They say that more the perseverance, better the cooking results. A special white paste is prepared to add that specific punch. It includes medium onions, cashew nuts, garlic, ginger, cardamoms, cloves, bay leaf, green chillies, chopped, fresh curd, fresh cream, ghee, and salt. See, the list is so long, that’s why the paste offers such unique flavourings.

Patience is the key, my friend. The process isn’t finished yet. The manually ground paste of coriander seeds and dry red chillies, sauté, and the white paste you just prepared is fried. And then follows the boiled mixture of the coriander, chilli powder and one-fourth cup of water. Finally, the turn of adding paneer comes along with some salt and sugar. After a few minutes of cooking, add cream and the taste of Peshawar is all yours.

Since, we understand, your terribly occupied schedule may never give you enough time to prepare this paneer gravy, let Chowki have the privilege of doing it for you.


Customized fast food services – for you by you :)

Evening munchies – the biggest temptation to order the junk food. And, while looking at your pimple next day, wish you’d avoided that samosa. Oil and acne can’t be separated. But don’t worry we have a solution. You just need to shell out half an hour in the morning to prepare healthier meals for the evening. Customized fast food services – for you by you 🙂

Replace the usual cheese with paneer (cottage cheese) in cheese balls. Let’s be humble. It’s really healthy to use more capsicum than paneer and brown bread instead of white.

Similarly, samosas are very high in calories. You need to strike a balance. Fill them with a mix of tomatoes and cabbage. I know sounds weird, but it tastes awesome.

Does Chow mein instantly come to your mind when suffering from hunger pangs? Why not make your own snack! This time Hakka noodles. A lot of cabbage and carrot with minimal use of spices and oil.

Parathas. Here comes the ultimate provocation. There are several ways to make them healthier. Use mixed flour. The stuffing could vary from onions, potatoes, radish, to cauliflower and many other vegetables.

Share it with your friends – the recipe not food.


So many exotic pickles to try. How can you miss!

Why talking about pickles? Aahaa! Remember the time when you were eating Dal with chapatis. And, the taste was so flat until you got some ‘achar’ or pickle from the cupboard. Actually we can prepare or buy a pickle and store it for months. Its flavors strengthen with time. The recipe is so clever that even after moons, your pickle is as fresh as ever. 

So many exotic pickles to try. How can you miss! Wanna know how can you experiment more with their taste? We will tell you three intriguing pickle recipes-

1.) Cabbage Pickle – What is the point in eating momos daily? If you like cabbage so much, go for something healthy and literally durable. Try making this pickle. The sugared and salted mix of mustard and curry powder is added to the cabbage and onions (boiled with water and vinegar). See, it’s not even difficult to prepare!

2.) Karela Pickle – Don’t be disappointed. A bitter gourd or ‘karela’ doesn’t always taste bitter. The thin slices of chili are added to the finely cut Karela pieces. It is then salted and sun-dried. And then you fry them with the mustard and methi seeds. Another fried blend of curry leaves, red chili powder, salt and asafetida powder is added to the karela mixture. Preserve it for a week. Does the Karela still taste bitter? Do let us know.

3.) Papaya Pickle – Papaya is for the sick. How can it ever be delicious? Even Chowki chefs thought so before encountering this recipe. Peel the papaya, remove seeds and cut it into pieces. Marinate it with salt for an hour. Remove the excess water. Boil it with chili powder, vinegar and sugar for 15 minutes. And, then comes the three-hour marination. Store the pickle in a tight jar. Like Chowki chefs, you would also change your mind about papaya.

So with which ‘achar’ do you choose to surprise your pals?

murg khyber

Love chicken? Try Murg khyber

They say that more complex is the cooking process, the better satisfaction your taste buds get! Murg Khyber is the ideal example. Love chicken? Try Murg khyber.

We make shallow cuts on the already cut chicken pieces. These cuts allow the pieces to deeply absorb the flavors of the spices and other ingredients. You wanna know the list of flavors that mesmerize our tongue. The striking smacks of ginger and garlic, the seasoned richness of Chili powder, Vinegar, Garam Masala, and Green Chilies. The subtility of Ajwain, and lemon juice. The thickness of fresh cream.

For a good time of four-five hours, the chicken is marinated in this rich paste. So that every bit has a rich flavor of these wide and carefully chosen spices. And, then comes the process of grilling. The arresting aroma spreads so swiftly in the air that waiting becomes painfully difficult.

But why would you trouble yourself by cooking such a complicated recipe. Chowki will cook it for you with all the love 🙂


Here’s why Bharwa Aloo Nazakat is a must try

Just like mango is called the king of fruits, we consider potatoes (aloo) the king of veggies. Potatoes are the immediate ingredient that come to our mind when we want something instantly.  Here’s why Bharwa Aloo Nazakat is a must try -Have you observed? Anything made with potatoes keeps your stomach filled for a much longer time. So, why not try bharwa aloo nazakat cooked with the satisfaction of potatoes and speciality of paneer.It has cottage cheese, nuts, rose petals, khoya – classic, isn’t it?
Basically, it’s not an everyday recipe. Of course, it’s high on calories. So you can’t be regular. But hitting it once in a week will present your body an abundance of proteins – the requirement that had been missing for months.Go healthy and natural. Cottage cheese is less processed than the pizza cheese. Cooked aloo is not factory food like French fries. And, yes, seldom you find nuts in burgers. Do you?

One Rice Milk Pudding: so many amazing definitions

Even those who do not have a sweet tooth cannot deny that rice pudding is an anytime dessert or sweet dish. It is sweet. It gives you enough calories. One Rice Milk Pudding: so many amazing definitionsHere’s how rice pudding in the East has so many personalities –

 The milk becomes sweeter in India and Persia

We love having it on almost all special occasions. Mainly made with rice, the Kheer is an Indian name for sweet milk puddings. Nobody can ever get bored with this recipe. After all, it has numerous flavours to offer. From Kewra, pistachio, raisins, saffron, to almond, cardamom, and cinnamon. However, the irresistible dish is believed to have originated from Persia. There the ‘K’ is replaced with ‘S’ and hence it becomes Sheer. It is translated as ‘milk’ in talismanic language of Persia.

A cold twist in the Middle East
The sugary milky Firni is eaten cold. Either cornflour or rice or both are added to it. Tanged with rose water or/and cardamom, it is also embellished with finely cut dry fruits – the roots of this wonderful dish can be traced in the ancient Middle East. However, they were the Mughals to introduce Firni to India.

FRUITify with China
The more the efforts, the more finger-licking is the food. That’s why the Chinese eight-jewel rice pudding is so delicious. As the name explains, it consists of eight fruit varieties preserved with honey. Confucius believed that eight was the figure of excellence. The sugary rice is spread over the diversely flavored layer of fruits. After hours of steaming, the rice granules turn homogeneous.

Exotic Indian bread recipes, You name it and Chowki has it!

What is the maximum varieties of bread you usually come across in a restaurant? three, four, five…

Chowki has eleven types of Indian Bread for you. Exotic bread recipes, You name it and Chowki has it!

Naan, Paratha, Roti, Kulcha – North-Indian cuisine is the king of bread varieties. And, any feast is almost unimaginable without them. Since, Chowki is essentially created to deliver the most luscious of the Indian recipes, how can it forget the bread?

We have included a list of mouthwatering bread recipes that deliciously compliment the Indian gravies.

Naan – Plain, butter, lehsuni, keema the four flavorsome types. It is up to you what your mood commands; whether it wants to be soft velvety like butter naan, regular and balanced like plain naan or exotic like lehsuni naan or lavish and lip-smacking like keema naan.

Roti – This kind of bread is a routine inclusion in our dinner. So, even when it is a treasured time on weekends, rotis are a MUST to order. We bring you the ulimate kind if Roti – Khasta Roti. So that you relish something homely but from outside.

Parathas – The typical Punjabi breakfast whose goodness has spread in the entire Northern Country. Lachcha, green chilly, red chilly, Gobhi, pudina – we have it all! Oiled with the richness and stuffed with carefully chosen tangs, Chowki parathas can never let your taste buds down.

Kulcha – Light and luscious. We quenched our instant hunger from them as they are available in every nook and corner of Delhi. And guess what, the exotic kinds of onion masala, aloo anardana, and paneer dhania kulcha will come to you now! Your feast is just one call or message away.