Every intriguing thing about potato - know in this article.

Every intriguing thing about potato – know in this article.

Potato – the vegetable that we Indians can blend with any option. Today the choice isn’t so easy?It’s the most versatile ingredient for us. They come in numerous shapes – oval, round, haphazard etc. They come in numerous sizes as well – weighing few grams to a pound. They even come in numerous colors – yellow and light brown are obvious, but there are options of red, white and purple as well. Every intriguing thing about potato – know in this article.

Even a kid would know that potatoes are starch-rich. But the amount of starch present can also determine whether the potato is perfect for baking or for cooking the Indian gravy. Did you know that?

Basically, the potatoes which are flourishing with the starch content are light in touch. Pick these mealy-looking potatoes for baking, mashing, and French-frying. This type is a good absorbant for milk and butter. Using them for salad is not advisable, though. To pick potatoes that can fit in all sorts of cooking, go for those which contain a moderate amount of starch. They retain their shape.

But, what about your salad? Well, those potatoes which have low starch are strong enough to hold on to the original shape. No sticky affair you know.

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