You’ll change your diet after knowing the benefits of Banana

In the fasting days of Navratri, the instant hunger quencher is a banana. Filling and easily accessible. Ever tried any recipe made out of it? You can try them all – from the banana chips, smoothies, raw banana kofta to the pakoras.

We bet you’ll change your diet after knowing the benefits of Banana. They are too many to ignore.

1.) They are the gateway to feeling happy. Bananas contain tryptophan that further converts into serotonin – generating the ‘happy’ hormones in the brain.

2.) Eating 2 bananas before a tough physical exercise gives you an ability to deliver more and maintains the blood-sugar level

3.) Eat bananas and get rid of the muscle cramps during aerobics and leg cramps during the night time

4.) It’s a rich source of calcium thus consuming it compensates the calcium loss during urination. It also strengthens the bones

5.) Bananas might fill your stomach soon, but they help in shading kilos. They also lower the risk of type-two diabetes

6.) As this fruit is rich in vitamin B-6, it makes the nervous system stronger and increase the number of white blood cells in the body

7.) Are you anemic? Have bananas. The iron present in them helps in boosting the hemoglobin level

8.) US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared banana helpful in decreasing blood pressure and guarding against the heart attack and stroke

9.) Bananas also help in easy digestion and releasing the harmful toxins and metals from the body

10.) Due to the potassium content, banana makes the brain more attentive and thus, we become smarter

So, do still not fill like eating bananas?

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