Time is money. So, here are your 15-minute recipes!

Time is money. So, here are your 15-minute recipes!

Getting late for office so breakfast delayed! How sad! It happens because you think that a delicious and pro-fitness meal would consume at least forty minutes of yours. Chowki needs to present you the other side of the coin. Time is money. So, here are your 15-minute recipes!

Cucumber Sandwich – Cut the cucumber into very little pieces, spread pepper and salt and sandwich them between two bread loaves. For a rich flavor, you can add some milk cream in the stuffing.

Vegetable salad- Broccoli, capsicum, whatever is there – cut and flavor with salt, a couple of your favorite spices and a little cheese. Microwave for a minute or two. This breakfast of bowl full of salad if observed for a week can make your face glow.

Stuffed Parathas (if the dough is ready) – Easy and delicious! Moreover, you have so much of choice. From the Dal, that was cooked last night to the onions, go for intriguing stuffing alternatives.

White Omelette – Breakfast and no talk about omelet – not possible! To make it healthier, remove the yolk part. And, your special fondness for eating eggs is not compromised. Rather, you eat only the beneficial part.

It’s obvious to not able to work efficiently when you are painfully waiting for the lunch hours. These hunger pangs occur because you didn’t breakfast like a king. A healthy breakfast does a lot. At least, it’s bound to make you more productive in the office.

Corn flakes

Indian twist to make your cornflakes “irresistible”

It’s evident that you are tired of convincing your family to have corn flakes every morning. They are after all so wholesome for the health. Try the following experiments to avoid the worn out faces during the meals and make them rather look exciting –
1. The Twist with Chivda – Replace the flattened rice with flakes and taste the magic. The traditional cornflakes which are “tasteless” to many would now attract the same people with its mildly spicy tang.
2. Roll like laddoo – Some grinding, oiling, sugaring, and shaping will result in a sweet recipe of cornflakes laddoo. But, the real fun will be when you surprise your visitors with this innovative dish during the gathering.
3. Icing it up – The crunch that you enjoy while having certain flavours of ice-cream can be replaced with cornflakes. So, that the kids eat something pro-health and that too unknowingly.
4. Velvety like custard – The soft and sweet touch of custard can be blended with the corns so that you get another reason of having custard this weekend. This version of dessert could also be flavored with peaches.
5. Spice it up with chat – salt pepper, lemon, healthy veggies, and corn – aah! what a combination. Try it. Something so delectable and healthy,  a rare deal indeed.