The Milky world of Indian cuisine

Children in our country can’t sleep without granny narrating the tale and a glass of milk. Thick, fluid, hard, spongy; the milk and its derived products exist in many states of matter and definitely all are delightful in taste.

Milk and milk products are an indispensable part of Indian cuisine; be it in the form of curd, raita, Khoya, butter, buttermilk, sweet dish and the list is probably endless.They complete an Indian meal not only from the point of view of taste but nutrition. Vitamin-D contained in milk helps in strengthening the bone density. Milk is also an excellent source of protein. Thus, grabbing a mug of milk is something you should always do after jogging.

Nearly 50-55% of total milk production in India is used to make other products. Even Indian tea and coffee can’t do without lactose input. Milk tops the list in having the maximum array of nutrients.

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Photo: Stevie Mann