Going to cook Indian? Remember the following tips-

When you make subzi, the process should be effortless and the outcome flawless. Going to cook Indian? Remember the following tips –

– If you are going to cook the potatoes, piece them into two and add a bit of a turmeric. The cooking will consume less time then.

– If Pulav is on the menu tonight, the rice washed with water should be spread on a cloth. After around half an hour, they will get dried and each granule will be separated from the other.

– The ideal ratio of rice to water is usually 1:2. After fifteen minutes of cooking, you may add more water if you feel it’s not enough.

– The most delicious advantage of a spice is the flavor it presents to the dish. Overcooking drastically changes this tang. Avoid it. For example, over-fried mustard seeds taste bitter.

– The dough for Puri should be a bit harder than the one for the chapatis. This characteristic will make the former absorb less oil. And, lesser is the oil, the better! Isn’t it?


Cook differently, eat healthy

We eat daily. So obvious. But do you know the meals which we consume, had they been cooked with a little different method – they would have been much healthier. And again it’s obvious that health is wealth. So, below are a few top secrets that result in pro-health cooking – 
1. Use less oil for less stress
Buy a non-sticky ware if it is not already there in your kitchen. Use as little amount of oil as possible. The usual amount of oil which we Indians consume may result in high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high risk of the heart diseases – overall a lot of stress.
2. Baking with whole-grain cereals 
Cakes, biscuits, loaves of bread, pastries – we understand your love to bake. But, we also need to advise you that the Maida Flour used in this process can only worsen the digestion. Therefore, use whole-grain cereal to not just make the baking products finger-licking tempting but also pro-health.
3.Cream with no cream 
The processed cheese, butter or sandwich spread we buy from the market contains synthetic chemicals and harmful preservatives. In fact, making the food buttery is simple and much healthier. How? Whisk a spoon of flour over gas in half glass of toned milk till the milk doesn’t show bubbles coming up. And, add this mixture as a replacement to all the greasy stuff you otherwise use.
4. Add more veggies to the meaty vegetables 
Meat is heavy. It’s filling as well. A human body doesn’t need as much non-veg portion as it is used to consume. So, in order to maintain this difference, we can add a considerable amount of vegetables too. It will enhance the roughage content of the food.



Culinary secrets for you only…

If you try, try and try and still miss out on cooking that flawless recipe may be you don’t know the below-mentioned tricks. Culinary secrets for you only…
Lighter the baking dishes, heavier the responsibility
Let’s correct you if think that baking those sweet little muffins is a light affair. It is, in fact, a more critical one than baking a bi…iig cake. The smaller the item to bake more is the baking temperature and shorter is the period. So, it’s difficult to do the maths you know.
The meat you cook should be perfect
While sprinkling pepper and salt over the meat, do it regularly over all regions. So that there are neither areas hot like summers nor cold in taste. Go for the constancy of spring!
Mayo creamed with yogurt, nourished with health
Many of us take refuge in those hot momos as evening munchies. That is a worth relishing idea too. But, better it with replacing half the mayo with yogurt. So, that health doesn’t get legged behind.So that every bite of your sandwich is flavorful

Are you also among those who desperately wait to reach the middle part of the sandwich? Well, make every part luscious by spreading the Mayo or sandwich-spread evenly.