Nurture your health with non-veg

For so many people, a feast must comprise of non-vegetarian food or else it is a crime to term it a ‘feast’.
Blended in the rich gravy of spices, vegetables and overpowering aroma, a non-vegetarian food is a  pleasure any day. India is majorly a vegetarian country but despite that, we have countless mesmerising non-veg recipes.
From starters to the main course, a non-veg food can be served both ways. Eggs omelette is something you can prepare instantly. The ventures of non-veg delicacies are too many to explore. Chicken Afghani, chicken biryani, chilly chicken, chicken tikka, egg curry, egg biryani, boiled egg, masala omelette, Awadhi biryani, rogan josh, mutton kabab, mutton korma, Amritsari fish, fish korma, fish pakora, fish curry and so on.
Meat has several advantages over vegetarian food. For instance, it helps directly in supplying haemoglobin and phosphorus to the human body. It strengthens the bones. Many of its products are rich in low-fat protein. Fish, on the other hand, is rich in  calcium and vitamins that help in nourishing the hair as well as skin. Egg after the milk is the best source of nutrition. It is recommended for faster recovery.
Now, that you have been informed more about the benefits of eating non-vegetarian food, may we know what would you like to order from Chowki!