Foodie pleasure that comes with Navratri

The days of purity, worship, devotion, and spirituality are the days of Goddes Durga. With the dawn, of Navratri, we are sure that you are not just looking forward to worshiping Goddess Durga but, also to narrowing the waistline by eating tasty Navratri delicacies for nine days.
We express gratitude in these holy days for what we have already been blessed with and for granting us the power to venture successfully  towards a bright future. Hindus keep fast and eat only after the evening Puja. Their hunger is quenched by eating the traditional delicacies with no use of common salt, onion and garlic. Instead of common salt, the food is made salty with sendha namak – the pure rock salt. Among the most popular Navratri recipes in North-India, there come the vrat wale aloo, singhare ki poori, dahi aloo, dahi arbi, jeera dahi and aloo tomato sabzi.
As you observe, there are many recipes which include the aloo as it is an excellent source of carbohydrates. Instead of cereals like rice and wheat, the flour of Kuttu or buckwheat is used. Dahi or yogurt again contains calcium and special proteins that make up for the entire day hunger.
May in these Navratri season, you replenish your soul with reverence for higher power and health with pure recipes.