Every intriguing thing about potato - know in this article.

Every intriguing thing about potato – know in this article.

Potato – the vegetable that we Indians can blend with any option. Today the choice isn’t so easy?It’s the most versatile ingredient for us. They come in numerous shapes – oval, round, haphazard etc. They come in numerous sizes as well – weighing few grams to a pound. They even come in numerous colors – yellow and light brown are obvious, but there are options of red, white and purple as well. Every intriguing thing about potato – know in this article.

Even a kid would know that potatoes are starch-rich. But the amount of starch present can also determine whether the potato is perfect for baking or for cooking the Indian gravy. Did you know that?

Basically, the potatoes which are flourishing with the starch content are light in touch. Pick these mealy-looking potatoes for baking, mashing, and French-frying. This type is a good absorbant for milk and butter. Using them for salad is not advisable, though. To pick potatoes that can fit in all sorts of cooking, go for those which contain a moderate amount of starch. They retain their shape.

But, what about your salad? Well, those potatoes which have low starch are strong enough to hold on to the original shape. No sticky affair you know.

The sweet tooth brigade finishes the desserts before the main course.

Admit it or not. These facts are very much related to you

Admit it or not. These facts are very much related to you

#1 The floating butter on parathas makes water floats on the tongue too.
#2 Didn’t like the prospective wife much, Samosa and Chai were awesome, though.
#3 Don’t we see a Devil in the client when the meeting eats the lunch?
#4 The sweet tooth brigade finishes the desserts before the main course.
#5 One of the core agenda of attending a wedding function is to enjoy good food in abundance
#6 The best way to fight boredom is to hit golgappas!
#7 Deepest regret – when we miss eating a dish that was there in the party and we didn’t realize
#8 Another deepest regret – when tongue waters but tummy is full.
#9 Every vegetarian at some point, must have eaten non-veg unknowingly and guess what! He must’ve enjoyed it too.
#10 Most of the Indian parents are obsessed with milk and kids irritated with its cream.


That’s how food was used – so weird

That’s how food was used – so weird

Ketchup or medicine?
Back in the 1830s, the tomato was also used as a medicine. In fact, People found out that buying ketchup as a medicine is more convenient than buying raw tomatoes. Because no grinding was required in the former.

Sugar or hiccups-terminator?
Drinking water or anything else may not help in stopping your hiccups. But, in most of the cases, eating one teaspoon of sugar can achieve this purpose. Are you surprised? Even we never heard that before.

The paper has a calorie count too!
For those who have this poor habit of licking the pages to separate them from one another, they consume 1/10 part of a calorie, each time they lick a paper. Although It’s very marginal but still!

Honey extraction is not easy honey!
The honeybee workers must visit at least two million flowers for extracting one pound of honey. Can you imagine the intensity of effort? Now you would love each drop of honey:)

Guess the largest food Industry!
We might not directly consume this food but how can we forget about wine, beer, and other beverages. Yes, we are talking about grapes. The grape-growing industry is the largest food business in the world.


Marinades – layering their way to flavour

When we mix spices and other ingredients with all the imaginary and irresistible tastes to be infused into a real dish – marinades help us out! Marinades – layering their way to flavour – Aaah! It’s an effective method to brew your sought-after tang to all parts of the dish. We don’t want you to commit flavoring related blunders. So, let’s know the three key factors which decide the quality of marination –

1. What type of meat or fresh vegetable is it
2. What kind of cut is being used
3. The variety of tenderizer is being chosen

For how long to keep – The meat that you have lovingly flavored with the marinades can be kept in a refrigerator for 2-3 days. But, if you want to last it for a longer period of time, it’s time to freeze it. CAUTION!! When you defrost it, mark it important to achieve this purpose via microwave. And yes, don’t keep the marinated food in open (we all know India has a terribly hot climate)

Don’t rush into things – Let the food get synchronized with the room temperature before you put it into the tandoor. Salting can be done with spicing in the beginning. Again Caution!! Red meat would become sticky if salt addition takes place during the first marination. Add after 15-20 minutes before cooking.

Create exotic flavors – The use of dry fruits would impart a mesmerizing taste that many a times describe tandoori cooking as well. In fact in the marinades for meat, the seeds help in delivering a distinct flavor. Though, chicken doesn’t welcome seeds!

Marination is a process that plays an irreplaceable role in providing the right sort of smacks. So, can you do without it?


The lesser heard facts about spices

The lesser heard facts about spices – 
“But in truth, should I meet with gold and spices in great quantity, I shall remain till I collect as much as possible, and for this purpose I am proceeding solely in quest of them.” Christopher Columbus
That’s how a ‘spice’ precisely can be put in words
It is a dry form of vegetable, seed, bark, root or fruit used for flavoring, coloring or preserving. Besides, they are largely useful in the field of cosmetics, medicine, religion and synthetic creation of aroma.
Note: But, to avoid confusion, please notice that spices are different from herbs. The latter is a part of leafy green plants meant for flavoring and garnishing.
We are fortunate not to have spices at gold rates
Yes, you heard it right. During the Middles Ages (5th to 15th century), the spices were one of the most expensive commodities. They were imported from Asia and Africa. The value of these spices was as expensive as the yealry expenditure on grains for 1.5 million of people.
 The worth of spices created war between the countries
The Portuguese Army via Silk Route took Goa and other spice-rich provinces under its control. The spices were then exported to Europe and earned the Portuguese a great profit.
India has always been a pioneer in spice production
From the times spices were precious to the time they are popular across the globe – India was always the nation that showed the way to many unprecedented flavors. In fact, our country is the top producer of spice in the world and produces more than 15 Lakhs Tonnes of spices each year.
They are certainly the life of all cuisines; it’s not possible to imagine a flavor-brimmed delicacy without their usage. Order any recipe from Chowki and know how mesmerizing the right mix of spices can be.


Bell Pepper

Welcome April, Munch Capsicum

As we begin with the month of April, the sabzi market also booms with the freshness of green capsicum. This wonderful vegetable is not just appetizing but also works wonders for our skin and eyes.

And few facts:

  1. Keeps diseases away – The stronger the color of the bell peppers, the higher the concentration level of anti-oxidants. A small bell pepper could provide up to three times more of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C, much more than any citrus food.
  2. Destroys free radicals – Bell peppers have very high content of vitamin A, C and E (all antioxidants) that help to effectively neutralize free radicals.
  3. A perfect food to get all vitamins  – This fruit contains a whole range of vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9).
  4. Rich in Vitamin C – Good content of this nutrition in capsicum makes it very effective in preventing blood clot, thus preventing strokes.
  5. Makes digestion smoother – Capsicum is a stimulant herb. It helps relieve gastrointestinal problems like indigestion, stomach ulcers, colic, dyspepsia, diarrhea and even help reduce excessive flatulence.
  6. Brighter eye-sight – The high vitamin C and beta-carotene makes capsicums especially beneficial in preventing eye problems like astigmatism, cataracts, and macular degeneration.
  7. Cleaner throat – Gargle some capsicum juice to help eliminate a sore throat. The anti-septic properties do the work super well.

Raw or cooked, red, yellow and orange capsicums are sweeter than green ones. Raw capsicums are good additions to all kinds of salsas as well as salads pasta, potato, rice or mixed salad greens. Chopped and saute in oil, capsicums enhance pilafs, pasta sauces, soups, stews, and stir-fries.