Had good exercise today? Eat these foods to have daily

Had good exercise today? Eat these foods to have daily

People are actually health conscious these days. That’s good. But you know daily physical workout consumes so much of body’s energy that we need special food to recover the loss. Be it the muscle tear or dehydration, we instantly need to eat a proper meal to feel energized and strong again.

Had good exercise today? Eat these foods to have daily –

Yogurt with berries – Proteins and carbohydrates, it has both. Add some berries to it to fight the muscle soreness. A perfect food after a workout, although only from the nutritional point of view. Hehehe!

Banana – This calcium powerhouse gives an instant energy. Moreover, the selenium present in it would make you happier. So banana stands for strength and smile 🙂

Mixed vegetables – Time to experiment. From cucumber, capsicum to radish and carrot – how weird and exotic can the vegetable mix be! Try them all, they have got what your sweating body demands after working out.

Milk with cornflakes – Milk with loads of vitamins and cornflakes with loads of carbs. Avoid adding sugar as it directly turns into fat. So marry milk with cornflakes and no sugar. That’s how the body gets the ‘precise’ amount of energy.

You must have liked one of these diets. Shop accordingly in the evening because the regular workout begins tomorrow.


What you should know about vegetarian food as a gym goer…

Are you planning to stay fit through cardio exercises? Not a bad idea. But, you need to know the right nutritional facts. So, What you should know about vegetarian food as a gym goer…

Vegetarian food is rich in proteins too
Many workout freaks dwell on the idea that protein requirements can only be met through non-vegetarian food. As a matter of fact, the vegan food can comfortably fulfill the protein needs of your body. Be it the chickpeas or kidney beans – the vegetable basket is full of protein-rich options.


Vegetarian food is highest on energy
We are not convincing you to leave your Chicken Tikka. But, don’t relish it on the pretext of gaining energy because you go to the gym. A vegetarian food provides the highest amount of energy. In the structure of food chain, the plants receive energy directly from the atmosphere, so they get the best deal out of it.


Carbs are only making good enough to make you fatter

Carbohydrate-rich vegetarian food only helps in becoming fatter – it’s a myth. Actually, there are two types. The first one is the bad carbohydrates which are usually processed foods like flavored milk, potato chips, fruit jam, white bread etc. The good ones are the wheat flour and rice. We require good carbohydrates in order to balance the heart rate, thinking, digestion, exercising, breathing and walking.

So, the next time you hit the gym, do not underestimate the power of a vegetarian diet.