Here's your ticket to the most delicious day of your life.

Here’s your ticket to the most delicious day of your life.

Who in the world likes to get bored? But, boredom inevitably visits our life sometimes. Ending this monotony, let’s explore how exciting can your day be, provided there’s a Punjabi kitchen available. Here’s your ticket to the most delicious day of your life.

Breakfast with a bang. The moment you arrive at the breakfast table, you would receive a luscious welcome with parathas and a glass of buttermilk. The delectable spiced stuffing could be of anything, from potato, cauliflower, cottage cheese, to onion, peas, and radish. The home made and thus. least processed white butter floats on the top of the parathas. Hot bread with cool lassi is great enough to cheer your day!

Reserve ‘Makke di Roti and Sarson ka Saag’ for the noon meal. It’s a sabzi made out of mustard leaves. The cornflour chapatis are relatively harder than the wheat ones. But, both have their own unique taste. And, this green mildly spicy gravy simply complements the bread. The evenings are hosted by a hot cup of tea and a plate full of pakoras. The steaming hot snacks kill your sudden hunger pangs just effortlessly.

And, now comes the last supper of the day. Dal, Tandoori Roti, and Raita. the lentil gravy brimmed with Indian herbal flavors, the softness of butter, and a tang of spices. The chapatis served straight on your plate from the hot tandoor.

So, you see how Punjabi kitchen can evoke your taste buds and mood. Then you would ask
“What is boredom?”


Which city trip on the weekend, your tongue will decide.

Every 40 kilometers, you will hear a new language in India. And, most probably the tongue will encounter a new taste. Thankfully, for the latter, you don’t need to travel kilometers. All kinds of foods are at your service in the country’s capital. Which city trip on the weekend, your tongue will decide.

Let’s begin the journey with Rajasthan. The regional delicacies are usually dry and vegetarian. But, that doesn’t deprive them of the intriguing flavors. The spice content is quite high in comparison to other Indian cuisines. Kicha ki sabzi, Kikoda ki sabzi, Makki ki raab, Matar ki sabzi, and Moranga ki sabzi are few such delectable curries. But, seems the natives are not enough of sweets as well. Try dal-bati, churma and ghevar and you will know it all.

Then, turn your car left to explore the much-talked-about food of Punjab and Haryana. The milk and milk products are as important as spices. And, of course, you will find all possible experiments with Paneer. Be it shahi paneer, paneer pasanda, paneer tikka, paneer peshawari, paneer hara bhara and we are sure you want to know more. Also, how can we not mention the rich and buttery Dal Makhani served with delectably hard and hot Tandoori Rotis! Not to mention, the chicken and mutton recipes cooked with a range of spices and herbs in pure desi ghee.

One of the key reasons to travel is to taste the unknown, unexplored and mesmerizing flavors. And, the neighboring states are not too far either. So, make a trip this weekend. What do you say? But, if food is the main pushing factor, then the flavors of Punjab are well served at Chowki. Order to revisit delicious Punjab!