What you should know about vegetarian food as a gym goer…

Are you planning to stay fit through cardio exercises? Not a bad idea. But, you need to know the right nutritional facts. So, What you should know about vegetarian food as a gym goer…

Vegetarian food is rich in proteins too
Many workout freaks dwell on the idea that protein requirements can only be met through non-vegetarian food. As a matter of fact, the vegan food can comfortably fulfill the protein needs of your body. Be it the chickpeas or kidney beans – the vegetable basket is full of protein-rich options.


Vegetarian food is highest on energy
We are not convincing you to leave your Chicken Tikka. But, don’t relish it on the pretext of gaining energy because you go to the gym. A vegetarian food provides the highest amount of energy. In the structure of food chain, the plants receive energy directly from the atmosphere, so they get the best deal out of it.


Carbs are only making good enough to make you fatter

Carbohydrate-rich vegetarian food only helps in becoming fatter – it’s a myth. Actually, there are two types. The first one is the bad carbohydrates which are usually processed foods like flavored milk, potato chips, fruit jam, white bread etc. The good ones are the wheat flour and rice. We require good carbohydrates in order to balance the heart rate, thinking, digestion, exercising, breathing and walking.

So, the next time you hit the gym, do not underestimate the power of a vegetarian diet.


Are you sure you are not obsessed with healthy eating? Figure out right now.

Our health is crucial. The well-being of an individual largely determines his work performance. Healthier people tend to do better in all aspects of life. Thus, we always think that eating right food is viable. No doubt about it. Are you sure you are not obsessed with healthy eating? Figure out right now.

The literal meaning of “Orthorexia Nervosa” is “Fixation on righteous eating”. The pro-fitness habits are a must to remain in the pink of the health. But, when we start focussing on them much more than required, then the problem arise. We all have a limited energy to spend. But when we give more energy to a certain habit/activity, the performance in other areas gets degraded. That’s why the obsession of eating healthy can cost an individual a lot. Ask yourself the following questions to be assured that you don’t suffer from Orthorexia Nervosa. If the answer is yes to most of the questions, then you have got to deal with Orthorexia.

– Do you wish that you could seldom eat without worrying about the effects?
– Do you think you spend a lot of time on food?
– Can you refuse to eat something fatty though tasty, prepared by your loved ones?
– Do you feel too much guilty when you are not able to follow the diet plan?
– Do you think other things in your life are being given less importance because you take too much care of your diet?

More than cautioning, the purpose behind writing this article was to prove that there is a very thin line between “good” and “unnecessarily good”. It’s better that we act on time 🙂


Of the world’s top 5 immunity boosters, the Chowki’s menu has 4!

The top immunity boosters are considered to be Yogurt, chicken soup, cauliflower, mushrooms, and ginger. And, Of the world’s top 5 immunity boosters, the Chowki’s menu has 4! Food might be tasty, but it becomes tastier when we know it’s gonna boost our immunity. Chowki serves the healthy food. Ever ordered from this wonderful kitchen?

The following four food components are blended with Chowki’s recipes and that’s when lusciousness and immunity prove their worth under one umbrella.

1. Yogurt – We include yogurt in many dishes, but Raita makes the smartest use of it. Finely chopped veggies, flavored with spices create an awesome combination.

2. Cauliflower – The another fitness promoter is our popular ‘gobhi ki sabzi’. Chowki has several tempting vegetables made out of it. We assure you that it’s something that will suffice your tongue and your health expert – mom and wife.

3. Mushrooms – The major advantage of opting for Tandoori cuisine is that it consumes relatively lesser oil than the usual ways of cooking. So, Mushrooms + Tandoor is a double health bonanza if you order Tandoori Mushroom from Chowki.

4. Ginger – As the grandmother says, this herb is popular for medicinal properties. But, very few restaurants bring ginger in jaw-dropping use. Chowki is not one of them. So, order Ghost Adraki!