3 herbs will soon cover a few square meters of your balcony

3 herbs will soon cover a few square meters of your balcony


This weekend don’t go out anywhere. No movies, no travel, nothing. Do one thing, give birth. Give birth to three edible herbs on your balcony, plant them. But why so? Because gardening is a meditation that can provide more relief than watching any oscar-winning movie. And also, because these three herbs suggested by Chowki are outstandingly advantageous to your health.

3 herbs will soon cover a few square meters of your balcony

– Curry leaves
Curry leaf is the life of Indian gravies. It gives a boost to the hair growth rate. From skin glow to a distinguished taste – we have endless reasons to grow the curry leaves on the balcony. Choose a suitable spot because the summer sunlight adversely affects the leaves. Also, keep trimming the leaves on a regular basis.

– Coriander
This herb is the part of everyday usage. Why buy it from the market when it can grow on your porch? The months of February and March are best to give life to coriander. You know its consumption on a daily basis doesn’s let us suffer from the deficiency of dietary fiber, manganese, iron, and magnesium.

– Lemongrass
Because of its sharp taste, the addition of Lemongrass brings a delicious twist to many Indian recipes. Well, this herb is a great cleansing agent and reduces the bad cholesterol level. A secret benefit is that it reduces the body odor. In fact, you should suggest growing this herb to your pals who displease your nose.

And, last but not the least, the air surrounding the balcony will be purer and healthier – a perfect setup for Yoga. Isn’t it?


Three herbs your kitchen must have

Frequent infections, getting easily exhausted, depression, skin issues, and many others – could be the result of not eating what you ought to. Little tips can make a huge difference to your health. Here are the Three herbs your kitchen must have –

Have something that contains mint to cool your mind whenever you have a heated argument. It will surely work for you. We are familiar with the taste of mint chewing gums. That cooling effect aah! Ayurveda considers it a natural stimulant. It also aids in promoting a break-free digestion. Mint prevents us from cold and nausea.

Very few delivery restaurants would take guarantee of the food we love ordering from outside. So, at times, the poorly cooked food creates stomach bugs and we feel insatiably hungry 24 into 7. But you know, had you consumed cinnamon on a regular basis- no bugs could have stayed alive in your belly. Eating cinnamon also helps in balancing the blood sugar level for type 2 diabetes.

Remember those old Hindi movies where the mother would give turmeric milk to her injured son. It is no joke actually. The turmeric is an antibiotic medicine in disguise. So, that yellow milk will heal anybody’s injuries like never before. Besides, being anti-inflammatory in nature, it also reduces the pain in several parts of the body.

Therefore, keeping cinnamon, mint and turmeric in your kitchen cupboard will make sure that your mind remains fresh, you do not develop any stomach infection and little injuries take very little time to heal.