If you love Shahi Paneer, you probably haven’t heard about this one.

Undoubtedly, the Indian Paneer gravies can’t be missed during any special gathering. Well, there’s nothing wrong if you continue relishing shahi paneer. But, at the same time, the foodie inside you can’t resist the Peshawari flavours once tasted.

If you love Shahi Paneer, you probably haven’t heard about this one. 

As the name suggests, the smack of the Peshawari Paneer is quite inspired by the cooking techniques of Peshawar (a place in Pakistan). They say that more the perseverance, better the cooking results. A special white paste is prepared to add that specific punch. It includes medium onions, cashew nuts, garlic, ginger, cardamoms, cloves, bay leaf, green chillies, chopped, fresh curd, fresh cream, ghee, and salt. See, the list is so long, that’s why the paste offers such unique flavourings.

Patience is the key, my friend. The process isn’t finished yet. The manually ground paste of coriander seeds and dry red chillies, sauté, and the white paste you just prepared is fried. And then follows the boiled mixture of the coriander, chilli powder and one-fourth cup of water. Finally, the turn of adding paneer comes along with some salt and sugar. After a few minutes of cooking, add cream and the taste of Peshawar is all yours.

Since, we understand, your terribly occupied schedule may never give you enough time to prepare this paneer gravy, let Chowki have the privilege of doing it for you.


Choose one recipe, it tells a lot about you…

Northern India has a special place for paneer gravies in its kitty. Have you attended any special dinner or marriage party without it? Of course, not. But since all the recipes are so tempting, it’s mentally a Herculean task to pick a certain paneer dish. So let’s help you a bit –

Choose one recipe, it tells a lot about you…

In a peppy mood
When you know that after finishing the food, you will definitely hit the dance floor in a party, Paneer Butter Masala is the dish to relish. As the name suggests, butter and spices are the key flavors. No harm in eating this calorie-rich delicacy as your dance will burn all the calories!

In a mood to eat everything
Imagine when you are dead hungry and something exquisite arrives for the lunch – aah! No words to explain. Paneer Pasanda is one such exquisite dish. Being Hungry and Paneer Pasanda is like a double bonanza. The fried paneer balls (stuffed with raisins and dry fruits) dipped in a rich gravy of tomato and onions and a dozen of other ingredients.

In a mood to enjoy family times
A semi-dry gravy containing cottage cheese. A handful of spices and the crunch of capsicum – so much family-like. A simple and delectable recipe filling enough for your belly. Shahi paneer is another alternative. Its subtle and mildly sweet touch go well with the family delights.

In a mood to eat something really pro-fitness
Our diet usually doesn’t include a far and wide use of green and leafy vegetables. And, when there’s an awaited occasion, we Indians don’t even acknowledge their presence. Because our attention is at the paneer. So, let’s combine the two and have Palak Paneer.

In which mood are you today? I guess you have become dead hungry after reading this. Share your favorite paneer recipe in the comments below or probably with your pals as well.