Here’s why Bharwa Aloo Nazakat is a must try

Just like mango is called the king of fruits, we consider potatoes (aloo) the king of veggies. Potatoes are the immediate ingredient that come to our mind when we want something instantly.  Here’s why Bharwa Aloo Nazakat is a must try -Have you observed? Anything made with potatoes keeps your stomach filled for a much longer time. So, why not try bharwa aloo nazakat cooked with the satisfaction of potatoes and speciality of paneer.It has cottage cheese, nuts, rose petals, khoya – classic, isn’t it?
Basically, it’s not an everyday recipe. Of course, it’s high on calories. So you can’t be regular. But hitting it once in a week will present your body an abundance of proteins – the requirement that had been missing for months.Go healthy and natural. Cottage cheese is less processed than the pizza cheese. Cooked aloo is not factory food like French fries. And, yes, seldom you find nuts in burgers. Do you?

Why Indian food is tasty – logic fails!

Why Indian food is tasty – logic fails! Indian cuisine has always been popular for its distinctive aroma and flavor. So many invasions have edited our culinary ways. And, that only made the food better. A recent research conducted by the students of Indian Institute of Technology unravels the reason behind why Indian Food is so tasty! This piece of research proceeded in the following manner:

1. Two hundred recipes were analyzed. They, in total, contained three eighty-seven ingredients. The minimum number of ingredients in a dish was seven while the maximum was forty.

2. When compared to the others, the Mughlai cuisine is found to use many more ingredients. And, isn’t it is worth relishing!3. Usually, the principle of cooking commands that the similar in taste spices should be blended to flavor a dish.

4. However, Indian cuisine is found to combine the spices which do not taste similar. Some of them are tamarind, green bell pepper, cinnamon, garam masala, Cayenne, ginger garlic paste, ginger, clove, and coriander.

5. Thus, we Indians overlook the science behind flavoring and go for the pairing of spices which are in a very contrasting taste from each other. And, the result of this transgression is jaw-dropping! Isn’t it?



Going to cook Indian? Remember the following tips-

When you make subzi, the process should be effortless and the outcome flawless. Going to cook Indian? Remember the following tips –

– If you are going to cook the potatoes, piece them into two and add a bit of a turmeric. The cooking will consume less time then.

– If Pulav is on the menu tonight, the rice washed with water should be spread on a cloth. After around half an hour, they will get dried and each granule will be separated from the other.

– The ideal ratio of rice to water is usually 1:2. After fifteen minutes of cooking, you may add more water if you feel it’s not enough.

– The most delicious advantage of a spice is the flavor it presents to the dish. Overcooking drastically changes this tang. Avoid it. For example, over-fried mustard seeds taste bitter.

– The dough for Puri should be a bit harder than the one for the chapatis. This characteristic will make the former absorb less oil. And, lesser is the oil, the better! Isn’t it?


Don’t forget to add coriander too….

Fresh, green, leafy – coriander blends the benefits of health and savor of deliciousness in the dish. Similarly, coriander seeds also mix a certain aroma that reminds us of traditional Indian cuisine. So don’t forget to add coriander too…. Let’s have a look that how coriander provides a human body the healthy advantages – 

1. You are not too far to get back into shape – Coriander does the amazing work of lowering down the level of bad cholesterol and increasing the good cholesterol level. 
2. Constipation and acidity will stay away – Coriander boosts liver functions and bowel movements and thus, lets the digestive system work more effectively.
3. Balance the sweetness in your life – Coriander smartly stimulates the insulin secretion and reduces the blood-sugar level.
4. Memorizes healthy moments – 
Coriander contains Vitamin-K which helps in reinforcing the memory
5. Let your skin look healthier – 
Coriander seeds are a rich source of Vitamin – C that aids in making the skin look more glowing.
6.Bacterial infection can’t enter your body – 
Coriander seeds have anti-bacterial properties that help in fighting against cholera, typhoid, food poisoning, dysentery etc.
7. Refrain from your pale look  – 
Coriander seeds are rich in iron content and thus, recommended by doctors to the anemic patients.
8. Cleaning the inside for better outside
Coriander seeds have detoxicating properties that remove all the poison and harmful chemical from the body.
After reading these benefits, there’s no question that you will not think twice before adding coriander leaves and seeds to your recipe! 



Dal Tadka – the most common Indian Meal

India is a land of diversity. But there are some habits and traditions that bound us. One such delectable custom is to relish dal (cooked lentil) with boiled rice. Probably it is the commonest food practice in the nation.It is the Dal that adds flavor to the meal, otherwise rice is the blend and boiled thing only. Coming to the lively tangs of India’s hero recipe, let’s figure out why the Dal Tadka is so irresistible and popular.
Curry leaves and mustard seeds are added in the South-Indian version of it. While cumin seeds do the job in North India. Dal Tadka – the most common Indian Meal – let’s see how this taste is celebrated across the nation.In Punjab and Haryana, onions are fried till they turn brown. And then they are added to the literally smoking hot mixture of oil (containing finely chopped garlic, cumin seeds, chilies, salt, spices). Different lentils are preferred in the different regions of India. While we eat ‘masoor’ in North and ‘Chana’ Dal is preferred in Kolkata and ‘toor’ Dal in South.
The word ‘Tadka’ here refers to the onions fried with other ingredients and then added to the already boiled Dal. Since it is the Tadka that deliciously adorns the Dal with so many smacks, we call this recipe ‘Dal Tadka’. At Chowki, our carefully chosen flavors will surely tempt you to order Dal Tadka.