Can you guess if mango were to reincarnate, which food would it be?

Can you guess if mango were to reincarnate, which food would it be?

We love sipping its thick pulpy juice. And, yes the King of fruits flavors the beloved milkshake of kids. From the ‘Aam Papad’ to ‘Aam Ka Achar’, we Indians have invented so many exciting ways to accelerate the Mango flavors. Adding more to the guilty joy of taste buds, mangoes’ season is about to boom Delhi.

Can you guess if mango were to reincarnate, which food would it be?
Well, let’s begin with giving you a clue. Just like mango, we make an extensive use of this food. Another guess, we love combining it with every other vegetable. Third and last guess, when nothing else comes to mind, we cook this reincarnated form of mango. Well, it’s none other than our own potatoes.

Be it with lentils or with or with onions, with tomatoes or capsicum, with turnip or brinjal – where do we not add the potatoes. In fact, many regions in North India But, because it’s not sweet, we seldom recognize our love for it. From the French fries to Indianised burger, From aloo chat to samosa, have we spared any dish from getting ”potatonized”? Admit it or not, our love for potatoes is as strong and as devoted as it is for mangoes. No wonder, a potato can rightly be claimed as the reincarnated form of mangoes.

Indian Food Mango Dessert

Here are some instant recipes to deliciously fight the summers

Chilled Mango Cream
As and when you rush to your house after walking under that scorching sunlight; You deserve a treat. Grind peeled mango cubes with a banana, two spoons of cashew, a little bit of ice. Garnish with almonds, and pistachios. The creamy mango with crunchy ice would taste heavenly.

Mango smoothie
Smoothie is often a regular intake in a healthy individual’s diet. Let’s experiment a bit. Grind one big mango, a banana, a bunch of spinach, mint and basal with a little bit of ice if you like, and a glass of cold water. Make sure all ingredients are properly washed. So, your healthy luscious drink is ready!

Fruit salad
Fruits are watery in nature. And in bonus, they contain so many vital nutrients. So, salad is an apt alternative in summers, especially when accompanied with mango. Cut the king of fruits, banana, oranges, few berries (if available) and garnish with mint. Use a round shaped spoon to cut mangoes shapely. Add a twist of papaya or melon if you like. Also, flavor the salad with the sour tang of lemon and Indian chaat masala.

Mango butterscotch ice cream
How about immersing two of your most preferred flavors into one! Get a butterscotch ice cream and mix it with mango cut into cube-shaped pieces. Leave the mixture in the freezer for 30 to 40 minutes. Serve this ice cream with mint and fresh mango slices. Out of the world! No, doubt!

Healthy Mango shake
Health with taste is what we all treasure! Mango, ice, 100 Ml dahi, a glass of water, and a bit of honey for those with a sweet tooth would taste awesome if shaken together.

Traditional mango shake
Summers have arrived and so the taste buds have started jumping and yearning for the traditional mango shake; lovingly prepared by our lovely mothers. The mixer would finely blend the mango with banana, 200 ml of fresh cream, one scoop of vanilla ice cream, and seeds of one vanilla stick.