Indian tongue discovered the lusciousness of chicken

Everything has a beginning. However, great ideas are too unleashed to disappear with some civilizations. Instead, they would travel to many and their worth would enchant its spell over the millions. Same is the case with chicken.
 How Chicken became our food
By the way, it was in India that started domesticating chickens. It is estimated by researchers that even around 700 B.C., several Indian communities had the tradition of eating cooked chickens and eggs.
How it spread
From India, the chicken saga subsequently spread to the West Asia, Thailand, Egypt, Rome. and Greece.  

The story behind

In fifth century B.C., the Athenian General Themistocles was on his way to  confront Persian forces. He suddenly stopped as he saw two cocks fighting. He ordered his troops to stop by saying that –
“Behold, these do not fight with their household gods, for the monuments of their ancestors, for the glory, for liberty or the safety of their children but only because one will not give way to the other. “
The Greeks went on to preserve the civilization they learned from the Persians of cooking and eating chicken.

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