Scroll down to lighten the guilt of eating oily foods

Scroll down to lighten the guilt of eating oily foods

Jalebis, Samosas, Bhature, Kachori, Chilly potato, and more… We are probably never enough of eating ghee and oil-rich food. No matter how seriously we restrict ourselves, the fatty food is found to be at our table at least once in a week.  Scroll down to lighten the guilt of eating oily foods

So the heavy amount of oil present in such foods, is it of any good use? Could be. Yes, different oils and ghee have several benefits also. For instance, the ‘puris’ fried in mustard oil may have adorned your health with several advantages. It’s ok to have those puris once in a blue moon. Because mustard oil activates the sweat glands and discloses the skin pores. So, in a way it makes you feel cooler and removes the unnecessary salts and water from the body.

In the winter season, how can an Indian not have the ‘Gajar ka Halwa’. So, don’t feel bad if the wedding party on next weekend is a reason for you to enjoy this carrot dessert. Our body lacks essential oils during the cold days. It’s evident via the dry skin and chapped lips. Not just the upper skin, the inner body also needs fatty acids. What else could be better than ghee to achieve this purpose? Why would you go for the processed cheese and refined oil when you can have something more natural.

Good news for those who relish South Indian food. Coconut oil is a treasure. You would decrease the frequency of falling ill if you hit a dosa once in a week. Not just that, many South Indians look younger than their age because coconut oil regenerates the skin cells faster. Remember, you have got to look younger too! Besides, this oil is an angel in disguise – a one of its kind that helps in becoming slimmer. So, where’s the South Indian food joint near your house?

There is a popular belief ‘Eat everything but in moderation’. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking forward to the weekend wedding party.


Omit the ‘overly oily’ part of the food

Extra oil lands you in trouble. Omit the ‘overly oily’ part of the food.

Samosa with banana chips – Samosas once in a while make an absolute delight. But, if they are a regular part of your evening snacks then we have some suggestion for you. Try having banana chips instead. They have enough calories to keep you active.

Aloo paratha with dal paratha – Replace those rich in carbohydrates aloo with protein-rich dal. Your children will not only enjoy this change but also their growing body tissues will start functioning more actively. Use a minimal amount of oil.

Naan with chapatis – Naan is definitely a must for a premium Indian meal. But, the light and definitely oil-free chapatis are far more digestible. Moreover, the diverse flavors of cooked vegetables do not get overpowered as they do when eaten with a heavy naan.