You drink tea daily. Know how it sipped its way into your mornings!

You drink tea daily. Know how it sipped its way into your mornings! Tea is the beverage that nation drinks. There are many interesting anecdotes behind its origin. Let’s explore a few of them one by one.

The first legend dates back ton 750 BC. The North-eastern region and Nilgiri hills of India are the major areas that grow tea. As it is documented, we began consuming tea since then. Although with the passage of time, the way of consumption altered largely. And now India is the largest tea producer in the world. Buddhist monks have been drinking tea for thousands of years.

A popular legend tells that the culture of drinking tea was started by a Buddhist Monk around 2000 years ago. It so happened that this monk who later founded Zen Buddhism was on a journey of having seven sleepless years. He contemplated the life and teachings of Buddha during this phase. But in the fifth year, he was just about to sleep. But in order to distract himself, he plugged some leaves from the nearby plant and chewed them. These leaves energized him and vanished his sleep. Since then, whenever he felt sleepy, he would chew these leaves. Thus, he was able to accomplish the penance of seven years.

Similarly, when British colonized India, we got more familiarized with the tea usage. In Darjeeling, people started mixing wild tea leaves in hot water. And, they enjoyed drinking this mixture. In fact in the 16th century, we used to make an herbal drink that boiled tea leaves, garlic, and oil in water. The first commercial tea production was established by Britishers in the 19th century in Assam.

So, isn’t that interesting that how a healthy and anti-oxidant in nature like tea became part of our lifestyle.


Tea and health drink – enjoy two in one

Mornings remain unfulfilled without a cup of tea. Along with several benefits and a load of flavors, this beverage is a perfect start for the day. Tea and health drink – enjoy two in one. Here are some additions that you can have with tea –

Tulsi – It is as good for your health as it is in the taste. Grow a Tulsi plant in your verandah. Pluck a couple of leaves every day and add to them the boiling tea. It gives considerable relief especially when suffering from cold and cough,

Black Pepper – After adding it, the tea would become appropriately hot and spicy. You would also start looking younger. As pepper is the ideal spice to make your skin glow.

Cardamom – It not just makes the tea smell well but also acts as a natural mouth freshener. Besides. it aids in fastening the digestion process. It also helps in enhancing the immunity.

Ginger – This natural herb is a cure to multiple disorders. A few of them are muscle pain, morning sickness, chemotherapy phase for cancer patients, pregnancy stress and the list doesn’t end here. And the warmth it presents to the tea is delightful!

Clove – Clove tea acts as a medicine if taken during the vomiting phase. It also is a great agent that reduces the toothache? Besides, it reduces wrinkles on the face.. And, who doesn’t want to look younger!

Don’t you have enough reasons to add the above-mentioned ingredients to your tea to make it taste awesome, smell awesome and healthwise awesome?